Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Word and Prayer, Matthew 9:1-17 MSG

There’s so many good reminders in this passage, the telling of several stories and displaying a variety of situations, from healing a lame man, to eating with sinners, and even the topic of fasting.

How does my life reflect the life that Jesus led in this passage? Am I giving time to those that need prayer? Who am I spending time with and do I show even the least of these honor? How am I honoring God, petitioning Him, and is there room for more fasting and the other spiritual disciplines?

I’ll take some time today to look at the disciplines deeper and see if anything is drawing me in. Am I neglecting anything? What spiritual disciplines do you practice regularly (it’s not bragging…I need practical tips here!).

If I’m not growing, I’m dying. In that I want to keep growing in knowledge and discipline, my spiritual growth. What do I let water and nourish my soul? What things do I let in that choke out the growth God is doing in me?


My Prayer
Lord, I love You and I love that You never have given up on me. There are times that I spend too much time or attention on things that don’t matter, or may even be hurtful to my spiritual growth. Continue to point them out, and give me courage and strength to step away from things that are culturally relevant but spiritually hurtful.

Father, will You put mature believers in my path to show my how to walk in Your love, life, and light in this part of my life? There were always people around that led in maturity and wisdom, and right now I’m not sensing that in my life. Please show me who these people are, and help me to see their discipleship as a gift from You. I want to grow to love You even more. You are my everything! Amen.

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