Monday, January 2, 2023

Word and Prayer: Matthew 2

Daily Prayer: 1.2.2023

Matthew 2

I’m a dreamer, and have had vivid dreams most of my life. I think dreams and visions played a large part of my grandmothers’ Middle-Eastern upbringing, and while my dreams may seem silly and random to me now, back then they carried weight. It was almost like fortune telling, and I remember books on our shelves that told about interpreting dreams to find out their alternative meanings—if we would be receiving money, company was coming, or some other good (or bad) thing was about to happen.

Even now I hear from missionary friends around the world to “pray for dreams and visions” for their other-religion friends, because they understand that culturally dreams carry so much weight and can help introduce them to Jesus, the man of perfect peace.

Joseph’s dreams gave them continual directions, and even tipped off the traveling wise men to Herod’s evil plans. Those dreams were integral to the story of Jesus, fulfilling prophecy and allowing him to survive. 

I don’t regularly see the value and importance in my own dreams. Usually there are people in them from the past, and I make peace by praying for them—for God to meet them where they are and work in their lives. The stories that take place rarely make sense. I just have to laugh at the abstract nonsense. My family gets tired of me sharing them. It’s often like going to the movies, but I never know what is playing or what it means.

My Prayer

Father, You can use anything to orchestrate Your will in our lives. You are creative, wise, and generous.

When You give me a good night’s sleep and I dream deeply help me to see deeper than my dreams. Bring appropriate prayers to mind for me to pray in intercession for the people in them, and if there’s a need for boldness help me to be brave. Also prepare their hearts and minds to receive whatever news is given. Help them to receive You as Lord and Savior.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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