Thursday, January 26, 2023

What I Am (and am not): It's All Good

I’m not an illustrator, I’m not a calligrapher. Some would say that I’m not a watercolor artist! But what I am is a note taker, a multi-medium artist who enjoys the process, and making art as a part of my spiritual act of worship.

I have given these DaySpring Illustrating Bibles as gifts, but I’d wanted one for myself, especially as I go through the NT this year. I’m reading The Message, but this only came in NIV, so I’m re-writing the aha moments in MSG in the columns, along with dabbling with my watercolor markers and a plain brush. I don’t have expectations of this being “Pinterest worthy” but it’s perfect for me. I’m trying new things, new techniques, processes, not stressing about the art and steeping in the Word. It’s all good.

The paper isn’t as thick as I’d expected, and this would probably be better suited for washi-tape and colored pencils, but the ripples don’t bother me. Sort of like my skin with scars, wrinkles and stretch marks, these pages will tell a story this year. I imagine at some point I’ll cry, or more likely MANY times I’ll cry, and those tears will become wrinkles in the pages too. It’s all good.

Word and watercolor will propel me between quilt sessions, writing, TWO online discussion groups for church, and my VA work for Meeting in the Meadow. This is good to wind down to, and much better than any screen. And I’m captivated by Matthew 16 still, which is good because God keeps putting it in front of me. I’m learning. Still.

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