Monday, October 31, 2022

Catching Up

It's been a LONG time since I've been here...but I'm still here. I post regularly on the Instagram and Facebook pages, but spend my computer time tending to Meeting in the Meadow. I wish I could find a way to balance how to write creatively here and manage Roy Lessin's blog. Oh well, for now, this is all I've got.

It's been a long summer as I hurt my back in May and just had back surgery a few weeks ago. I never knew that sciatica could not be resolved with chiropractic,  stretching and NSAIDs. Well in surgery they found a bone spur (someone saw it on the MRI but it didn't seem like it was a big deal), and it's extended my full release until the end of the year. Lucky me. LOL

My surgery went well, and I can walk now, up to a mile at a time. I still get some swelling in my back, but it's not affecting my nerves in my legs now. Thank You Jesus! I sometimes wake up with sore hips, but I think that's from sleeping on my side. It will all come together with a little time. My return visit won't be until end of November, and until then I'm not to lift more than 5-8 lbs, stretch, reach, bend, or do any heavy pulling or pushing. It specifically says to not do any housework or cooking! I've never wanted to cook and clean so much! Funny how that works!

Otherwise, we are getting settled in our newest home, and it's hard to believe my husband has been in this job for a year already, and we've been in the house nearly a year! What a year it has been! He's had to travel lately, which always makes me nervous, but he's tried to make it clear he would like to stay here (pretty convenient to some of our kids and grands, without breathing down their necks). Gotta let them have their own lives but still want to be close enough to babysit or visit for a weekend.

God's been showing me a lot lately, some hard lessons, but also some review things (they can be harder to learn!). I hate when I make the same mistake He has already instructed me on, but I'm grateful He doesn't leave me floundering in sinful behavior, and I'm thankful for people who love me enough to tell me that I should check myself on things. (You know who you are!) I pray He always has a few of those people around me who will say something, because if they say something, I know that they are praying about it (and for me) too. I always need pray-ers in my life. 

Speaking of prayer, can I pray for you? Just drop me a note if you have a prayer need. May we all be used!


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