Friday, March 4, 2022

Working Through Vacation

Such a busy week of vacation, spent working around the yard since it wasn’t freezing or muddy! We still have scoops of dirt to rake into the yard filling in low spots, then planting grass seed and praying for it to grow all over. But as we sat on the back patio this evening it felt so good to have planted these 21 trees and shrubs, and Mark was so glad to have the front planter finished! Yay!

Every place we have lived we plant new things. Trees, bulbs, shrubs, grass, a vegetable garden. Only a few times in the last 12 years have we been able to see them through a full year—usually we have a new job opportunity for him come up and we pack up and move, leaving things behind.

The last house we were able to stay in for 3 years! We saw trees grow, bulbs bloom, and had to prune shrubs. Some things I was able to move with me (roses that we replaced before listing with a different variety) and the last several houses I’ve managed to repeat plant the same (or similar) varieties of plants in each yard; hydrangeas, Iris, redbud trees, butterfly bushes. They remind me of special friendships that I’ve moved away from (but the friendships bloom over and over). I’ll plant those things here too, and remember those that I love, those that I pray for.

What are your favorite things to plant in the garden? Do you change things every year? Add new varieties that you see in the nursery?

Probably the best thing about this week was the connection we made with many of our neighbors, and other folks in the neighborhood that commented favorably as the walked (or rode) by. I’m excited to get to know these people better, to know how to pray for them, and what their favorite plants are.

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