Friday, January 28, 2022

New Year, New Home, New Direction...

Last summer my husband accepted a transfer and we embarked on a journey leading us back to Kentucky. I know that August seems SO long ago, but we finally moved into our home in December (we were in a rental for those 5 months...always a blessing but always hard too!). Now I've got TWO boxes left to unpack, and before the dust has even settled, here I am praying about growing our business from Meeting in the Meadow. Economically, it may not be a good time to do it...but SOCIALLY it feels so needed, so right. So prayers go up! 

How are you, our readers, doing? Are you as weary of winter as I am? Are you weary of all things covid (and yet I'm SO thankful to be healthy today!). Are you able to seek after God and chase after His goodness in each season? It's so hard sometimes, but we must continue to remember He is not surprised. He is still at work. He is on the throne. He is still God. 

Well, I just wanted to pop over here for a moment and see if there would be anyone reading here anymore. I hope so. It would be nice to see a response or two from folks reading, catching up. May the changes is my life make you grateful for the consistency in yours. 

Winter blessings,

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