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Parents of Missionaries: Grieving

I've been wanting to write on grieving for a while now, but words have escaped me. Not that I don't know how to describe my feelings, but that it's an area that God has so greatly redeemed, and is likely not the way the average person would think of dealing with such a strong emotion.  A few weeks ago I was really depressed, having not seen my daughter or her family for over 18 months. We talk nearly weekly, but sometimes the time sneaks by, or the kids don't want to talk, or I can tell how exhausted everyone is. To be honest, I know the value of a good nap, and sometimes I would rather my daughter rest instead of take time to talk with me. No matter how old our kids are, we still feel like their mom. It can be hard for all of us. Maybe we all need naps sometimes.  Those long days came and went, and we caught up on correspondence, but I felt a bit lost...we were out of sync and I was feeling disconnected from the life she lives there with her husband and our grandkids.

Happy Book Birthday!

  Happy Book Birthday to me! Looking back I get caught up in how my book didn’t launch the way I’d planned or wanted. Unforeseen things kept popping up at the end, but ultimately it was God’s plan, not mine, and I’m ok with that. It was a learning curve with a publisher (and for the publisher too, I believe, one of their first NF books), and none of it was the way I thought it would go. I can liken it to a premature birth! All in all the book continues to sell, and folks leave reviews ( Amazon , BookBub , Goodreads , etc; if you have read it please feel free to leave one!) and mostly I’m blessed to know that it has encouraged people in their walk with God, because THAT is why I wrote it in the first place. So Happy Book-Birthing Day! Morning Meditations at Marina's Kitchen Table: A Devotional Memoir Ps- I *may* be book-prego again, but I have no idea when I am due...hehe, or what format I may go this time. I’m