Sunday, May 3, 2020

God's Still In Control

During stressful times I appreciate resources that point me to God, His Word, and anything to keep my eyes on Him. When I saw that Betty Byrd, from Team Expansion, had created a devotional and prayer cycles to remind us that God's Still In Control during this pandemic (and any other time!), I knew that I was going to read it. When I started reading it, I realized that I wanted to share it with others too!

The free study is just 11 days, with 10 prayer cycles leading us through an hour of prayer in 5 minute increments. I'm choosing to write out the scriptures she is bringing to light in the empty pages of my 2019/2020 planner, since it's not getting much use anyways (and I'm actually using the weekly calendar pages from last summer, since they won't ever be used).

I'm including the first day's devotional and prayer cycle here, but please join us on my Facebook blog page HERE (I go LIVE at noon central time M-F), and you can download the FREE study from Team Expansion HERE. On Monday, May 4, will be doing day 4, Calm When Confronting the Storm.


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