Friday, May 15, 2020

A Season of Change...

Sometimes changes are spontaneous and catch us off guard, and sometimes we over plan for them. Sometimes we take steps in the right direction, but are just waiting for God to throw a switch to make them stick. Well, this past week a switch got thrown!

I've struggled with making a clean transition away from Marina's Kitchen Table as my home blog place, and in the past changed to a different blog name (my name) with a different blogging platform. It just wasn't for me, and I tried my best for a year to make it work well. It wasn't a good fit.

But now...

Now I've got my blog going at MarinaJBromley and will be regularly posting there. I hope that if you have been following me, you'll join me over there for blog updates. I promise not to ever get spammy with you, and I'll keep my affiliate sponsor ads to a minimum (just KitchenAid and DaySpring, and an occasional book review), and I'll NEVER get political! I promise!

I'd appreciate it if you'd sign up to receive these in your inbox, and am offering a special give-away of a copy of my book, Morning Meditations at Marina's Kitchen Table to TWO lucky people in the U.S. who subscribe to the new blog by June 1. (Drawing will be held by random selection, and you must be a public subscriber - otherwise I can't see your name and email to notify you!)

Switching to the new blog site also correlates to a new writing space I've joined! Balanced and Beautiful in Christ is a Facebook Group for Women to be encouraged and inspired in. I'm blessed to get to be a part of their team, sharing NEW devotional material. My first post is up on the new blog site on Friday morning, so you can read it there if you wish (or catch it on the Facebook Group page).

I am continuing to read over at Roy Lessin's Facebook Page Meeting in the Meadow on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, where we are going through his wonderful book, Because of Jesus Today is Your Best Day. You can join us at 10:30 am Central Time as we continue to read and share our prayer requests. JOIN US! If you are wondering if it's for you, or if it's not a good time for you to be online, you can read the posts there, or see the taped version of my reading it. Such encouraging words for all of us, no matter our age or stage.

So much NEW stuff going on, and there's more to come, including a new book in the works, and all the exciting things God is at work doing in me and my simple life. I really hope you will come along and enjoy the journey with me from the front row!

Be blessed, and be well...

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