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Not Yet Spring...

It's not quite Meteorological Spring (I've been told it will take place on March 1st) and the rain stopped long enough for us to be able to walk around at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens today. It was overcast and high 50's, which was perfect for me. No puddles, and no mosquitoes, so what else could I ask for? My husband (the Workaholic in my articles on "The Workaholic's Wife") has been burning the candle at both ends. Project seasons are like that, and he's got to take them on when they come up, so I try not to complain too much. Still, it was really nice to have him awake for a few hours today. He really was the one pushing to get out to the gardens, and I think he sensed my need to get my camera in my hands and use it, no matter what we found there. So below are a smattering of photos taken today. I love the shapes, colors, fragrances of everything God is pushing up from the ground this time of year. So much of it reminds me of His Resurrection. I

Spiritual Winter

This was from a few years ago, but I’m grateful it came up in my memories. Although I’m looking forward to the Spring, there’s still some elements that are happening this Winter. Maybe you need a gentle reminder too?  ....... I glance at the weather forecast on my phone weather app. I can deal with the threat of icy stuff on Sunday and Monday, because I'm looking ahead past the bad stuff, to the really good stuff at the end of the week! Yay for the 60's and 70's in the forecast! It's like that in life too... well, normally, but not this year for me. I have used the excuse that this is a new house, a new neighborhood, a new rhythm in life with a new job for my husband... but the truth is, there are some things that are always just the same.  History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new. Ecclesiastes 1:9 NLT This winter has felt REALLY long. Technically it's been mild in comparison, and only since De

An Apology

In preparation for whatever God has "next" for me (another book? a booklet? a podcast?) I'm trying to clean up my blog. It's been poorly ignored (well, technically, it's been ignored really well!) and there are things from the beginning that are more like diary entries than blog posts. I'm cleaning things up and throwing things away and taking things off-line and allowing them to sit on the side in a file for a rainy day. So, I didn't realize it, but as I'm reading things, correcting spelling errors and updating posts and putting them back's sending them back out to y'all. I'm so sorry. Please accept my humble apology. I'll try to find a way I can do the things I need to do without it regenerating emails to you each time. Blessings to you and have an amazing weekend! -marina