Thursday, January 2, 2020

Gratitude and a Thankful Heart

Happy New Year!
I’m starting my gratitude journal again, and counting #1000gifts in 2020! I still love Ann Voskamps' old calendar list of prompts, but I’m going to go beyond her suggestions and use photos too.
Will you count along with me? Please share your own 1000 Gifts this year and let’s be purposeful in changing our minds from wherever we feel stuck to thankfulness.
It only takes 3 things a day, and it will change your mind and focus. I love doing it in the evening, to clear my mind and set me to thankful before closing my eyes. I won’t stick to the calendar of listed things but may use it if I get stuck. I’ll use my camera to help me remember things through the day, and post in the evenings. You can put yours below in comments, or tag your posts with: 

Joy Dare Collection ©2020 Ann Voskamp, used with permission. 

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