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He is Faithful, Guest Post from Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow

This is the post for Meeting in the Meadow today, but it was so timely as I read it in my memories from several years ago, that I felt I would share it here too.  This post, originally from 2009, came up in my memories. I couldn’t help but think how perfect these words are for 2020 too! It’s my prayer that as you read them you will be reminded of the assuredness of God’s faithfulness throughout the coming year. -Marina God Is Faithful -Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow Often, as the New Year approaches, I quiet myself before the Lord and listen to hear if He may have something to say to me about the coming year. This year, as we approached 2020, I sensed God speaking something specific to me through various sources. The words were simple and clear and straight from Scripture, “God is faithful.” God did not give me a list of Bible prophecies that would be fulfilled in 2020. He did not tell what was going to happen in the stock market, in Israel, or in world events. I have no ide

Gratitude and a Thankful Heart

Happy New Year! I’m starting my gratitude journal again, and counting  # 1000gifts  in 2020! I still love Ann Voskamps' old calendar list of prompts, but I’m going to go beyond her suggestions and use photos too. Will you count along with me? Please share your own 1000 Gifts this year and let’s be purposeful in changing our minds from wherever we feel stuck to thankfulness. It only takes 3 things a day, and it will change your mind and focus. I love doing it in the evening, to clear my mind and set me to thankful before closing my eyes. I won’t stick to the calendar of listed things but may use it if I get stuck. I’ll use my camera to help me remember things through the day, and post in the evenings. You can put yours below in comments, or tag your posts with:  # marinaskitchentable  and/or  # 1000gifts2020 Joy Dare Collection ©2020 Ann Voskamp, used with permission.