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Name: Marina

I walk along the narrow docks, watching boats’ reflections in the glassy water. Occasionally the slips bob up and down with the small wake of a passing dinghy.

On one side I see the boats bows, polished chrome glistening on top and bright fenders dangling, keeping space between the slips and the boats themselves.

On the other side I see the sterns, ladders down to the water and fancy or silly names to identify each individual boat...names like
For Reels
Yachts All Folks

You can tell what the personality and interests are of the owners by their boats’ names. I’m slightly amused and wish I could see them standing on the docks next to their boats. I wonder if I could match them by the way they looked and the boats names.

I walk farther along, past rows and rows of slips. Each one is silent with the weekday lull of winter. The fresh sea air hangs in the stillness. A brief breeze ripples the flags on one of the sailboats masts. Then just as quickly, it stills again, rearranged in its position.

Overhead a flock of gulls sail looking for bits of bait left behind by the morning’s fishermen. It’s slim pickings this afternoon, with nothing for them to scavenger. They’ll have to find their meal elsewhere.

The sun hangs low on the horizon and the breeze picks up again, the tall sailboats masts set to rocking back and forth, back and forth. Slowly the daylight reflects sky off of water and the boats and bay and sky all seem to be one. I breathe deep as the colors take my breath away. Not a cloud in the sky, yet the warm sun can’t take the coolness of the breeze off my face. I’m chilled.

I turn my back towards the sun and begin to head home, one foot in front of the other, past the boats and the jetty’s, the beach and the pier. It’s dark now and cars headlights send me scurrying across the street to my front porch. Memories fresh on my mind of my afternoon walk to the marina.

My name, and my favorite walking place to meditate.

*This is a memoir of when I lived in Seal Beach, CA and I would walk to the Long Beach Marina. The photos are from there, in addition to Guntersville, AL and Myrtle Beach, SC. All of these places have served as a place of devotion and meditation in my life...
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