Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy (Work) Anniversary!

Mark has been in his position in Alabama for 2 years now. TWO years! In comparison, he had 18 years in one position with a different company, and this is his 5th position in his 9 years with Tyson Foods. I’m grateful for each one, and I’m thankful that we are here (still!) now! 

It’s a little different today than it was when I wrote this two years ago in Arkansas, but it’s a little the same too... his khakis go to the dry cleaners for washing and pressing (thank you L&L Cleaners!), but I still pray for him and his work as I wash his clothes. He only travels occasionally now, and I’m grateful when I get to tag along. I still pray for his job, his team members, and their mission field. It’s still an adventure and we are so grateful to be on it together, knowing that God does some pretty amazing things along the way! 

We have seen God sell and find homes for us 7 times in those 9 years, and met some great Realtors turned friends. We have been to some great churches (ok, some had a little drama), and had wonderful neighbors-turned-friends, and God has grown friendships out of the most amazing places. He has proven to me over and over that the best friendships can come with me, no matter where we go! 

It’s not all Pollyanna wonderful though, there’s always the long hours, time apart initially and all the details of a corporate move. There’s learning new things for Mark (job related) and OTHER new things for me (life related —like shopping, doctors, dry cleaners, etc). There’s always the learning of a new routine, temporary living in apartments, and house hunting (not nearly as glamorous as HGTV makes it look, but praise God for patient realtors!). There are hard goodbyes, late dinners, weeks apart, and missing dear friends and family. 

But God has grown us so much, and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

If we are “new friends,” you may not realize all this about us, all that God has brought us through. I invite you to go check out my other Facebook pages, “The Workaholic’s Wife” and “Marina’s Kitchen Table” and “Women Helping in Missions” to see some of our story, some of my view of life. Many times I repost articles to encourage others (and me!), but there’s original content there too. 

To our “old friends,” thank you. Your prayers over us the past 2 years in Alabama have been so effective, and I’m blessed to walk this journey with you! Thank you for your friendship, your faithfulness and your fellowship, even when it’s over miles and years. You’re the best gifts ever! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

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