Wednesday, February 20, 2019

February Free Write: Hour

I sleep in a pitch black room. It's true.

We sleep better with black out curtains in the room, to deter the full moons and the east facing sunrise that greets me every morning... if I saw it. But I don't. My curtains work well, and I can't tell the difference between middle of the night or middle of the morning, except that if my husband is still snoring in the middle of the morning, he has slept through his alarms.

Lately I've been leaving the curtains cracked open a few inches, despite the really full moon that still illuminates our cloudy skies. I've come to recognize that I NEED to know when it's light out. Even though I'm tired (because this night owl has a really messed up circadian rhythm right now), and my body thinks that I'm training for a marathon for all the sore muscles when I awaken (side effects from all the restless legs going on when I DO sleep), I still want to have some sort of rhythm. In this season I have this luxury, but in a few weeks I will not... I'll be caring for littles in the neighborhood and I'll need to wake up around 4 (is it still dark then? I don't even know!), so I want to ease my body into a schedule. Is that even possible?

When I wake up I'm SO TIRED. Do you know that feeling too? I think that an hour will make a huge difference in the rest of the day. It's true. Like a magic space where my aches will go away and my attitude will improve. So even though I didn't have an alarm set to start off with, I'll take my morning meds, take a good drink of water, set my alarm, and go back to sleep. Crazy, huh?

Something magical DOES happen in that hour... I dream.

I usually dream in the morning hours anyways, and this extra hour is like going to the movies. I fall asleep easily, aware of the warm bed and blankets (unlike when I go to sleep at night in a cold bed, which my husband loves, but I struggle to relax in for all the cold in that space). If there's any question of falling asleep, I start my breathing mantra, "More of You, God" on the inhale, and slowly exhaling "Less of me..." and BOOM! After a few breaths I'm sound asleep! The next thing I notice is my alarm waking me up (yes, I use that ringtone of angelic harps, bringing me back from deep slumber) and I'm groggy for the deepness of that hour. Oh, and I'm instantly trying to psychoanalyze that crazy dream I had.

Other amazing things can happen within an hour's time, but for me, sleeping is the BEST thing ever. What's your favorite thing to do with an hour? 

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