Wednesday, February 13, 2019



It’s been a hard few days, just normal life stuff for me, but greater disappointments, and some REALLY hard stuff for a few friends that I love like sisters. I’m a firm believer that cupcakes can pretty much make anything better, but this stuff is heartbreaking. Way beyond my cupcake cure.

As I was making cupcakes for the Daddy-Daughter Dance tonight at church, I was reminded of a 2-part sermon series a few months ago from Kyle Idleman at Southeast Christian Church. It was called “Kiss the Wave” based on the quote from Charles Spurgeon, “I have learned to kiss the wave that throws me against the Rock of Ages.” Loosely stated, since the hard and treacherous things in life cause us to rely so much more on Him, we need to be grateful for those waves of life. They may suck us down in the undertow, they may cause us to lose our breath and gasp for air we can’t even begin to breathe for all the water in our burning lungs. It hurts. So much. It’s like we go through birth again and again, coughing, gasping, sobbing and crying to take in that first breath of air. We know we need it, but sometimes we can’t imagine breathing normal again, for all the pain. Yet He is with us, and that storm will throw us onto that Rock of our Salvation every time. Again and again. He is here. He is there. He is there again. It is always Him. Press into Him, dear friend. He is big enough. (And I’m praying for you.)
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