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Changing Signs of Changed Seasons

As I drove to Nashville yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but notice all the color draining from the trees. On the surface everything looks green and lush, but just under the surface I can feel the colors of fall trying to push through... a yellowing here, an orange tinge there, leaves trying their hardest to hold on for “true fall.”  . . Here in Alabama it’s been dry. Really dry. Our lawn feels and sounds crunchy under my feet. I drag a hose around to try to keep it green, but I know it will all be Bermuda brown too soon. That’s ok. But the leaves that fall in our yard already make me sad. I know that the kudzu privacy wall will dry and fade, the trees will lose their leaves. The maple sapling up front and the redbud out back will never be the same...they’ll turn and shed leaves and come back a foot taller with the Spring glory. Seasons do that, ya know.  . They do that to us too, though I’ll never be a foot taller come Spring. 😉😄 There’s the feeling of change pres

New in the Neighborhood

Whew! As I finish content for Roy Lessin's new blog site ( ) and prepare to get grandkids again, I am {pausing} and *reflecting* on this summer. Yes, there are playgrounds full of school children already, homeschooling mommas have already put their plans in place for the new year, and we're losing daylight each day (which makes me SO sad!), but there's still some summer to be enjoyed! Days are still warm (ok, HOT) and there are still plenty of hummingbirds at the feeders. Despite the fading daylight, the lake water is still warm and inviting and summer's blooms are still bright and cheery. Sunsets are still to be enjoyed from the front porch (or landing) or on a walk in the cool of the evening. There's plenty of summer left to enjoy a tall glass of lemonade or sweet tea! It's also the ideal time to get out and meet your neighbors! Our neighborhood is slowly-but-surely being built. I don't know if any other houses are

Busy to Best Challenge

"We ask for a map to deal with all of this (messy life), but instead Jesus gives us a compass and says, "Follow me." - Jennifer Lee I had to go outside and take a photo when I read these words... because, God's got a sense of humor like that... here I am, dragging this silly compass around from house to house (it's been at the past 6 of them!). Sometimes it's inside, sometimes outside, like now. OH, and that window underneath?? That's my office. ((gulp)) He's got my attention ... "Some of your pain came because of all the things you are trying to do... and you are TIRED. Some of your pain came from all the things that have happened to you... and you are BROKEN." - Jennifer Dukes Lee (emphasis mine) I CAN NOT STOP reading this book and I'm SO excited about the Busy to Best Challenge! I ordered two copies of materials for the challenge... does anyone local want to join me? Just ONE week, at the end of September, and we'll just

Ways to be Involved in Your Community

I had the opportunity to share with the readers over at June Foster's blog last week! You can visit her website here . Be sure to share your ideas or ministries you've been involved with in the comments section! Ways to be Involved in Your Community Marina Bromley Often we feel helpless if we want to be involved in helping our community and changing our corner of the world. It’s clear that we should be involved in “here, near, and far away” ministries, but we don’t always know what to do, or how to do it. We may give to a larger organization for missions—helping the “near to us” Judea or the “far away” Samaria referred to in Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere–in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” But how do we engage with sharing the gospel and making a difference here in our “Jerusalem”? Here is a variety of ideas that could

Why the name, Marina's Kitchen Table?

Why the name, Marina's Kitchen Table? - Marina Bromley Ever since I was a little girl, the kitchen table, of ANY home, represented the heartbeat of the home and family. I remember the gray and white formica table set that was in my home growing up, how my mom would sit there with her cigarettes and coffee every morning (and was sometimes still there when I came home from school!), and my older sisters "cool" autumn harvest set in her home around the corner from mine. I remember the long picnic style table that our neighbors had, large enough to seat their very large family. I recall eating at the counter or in front of the tv after my mother passed away... the table just seemed too big. There were places at other tables from my dad's other wives, but none of them seemed to fit me as well... all pressed oak and over-sized... it wasn't the same. I remember my favorite tables; my Auntie June's at Easter was equipped with at least 3 tables and a counter, an