Wednesday, July 25, 2018

A Head Start - Welcome Back!

WHEW! I wasn't very good at staying offline this month! Let's just say that too much fun stuff went on, too many grandkids were around (and are fixin' to be back next week!), and not having internet for so long made it hard to stay away from it! My Facebook page has several posts on it, and a few of them I'll share here this week. Thank you for hanging in there with me (trying to be) offline.

There's been some fun and unexpected and fun things going on in my life. Nothing life-changing, but still signs of life, and that's always good. Even when it hurts, it's a great reminder that I don't walk alone and that God is with me (and YOU!) in the midst of it all; the good, bad, boring, desperate and desolate. Everything has a season.

As I prepare to return to online life, I'm excited to give you a little sneak peak of a few changes, a fresh blog design that will work better with photographs in the future, a few returning features for the future (like book and product reviews and give-aways!), a few new things (like recipes!), and of course, shared words and pictures.

Blogging, for me, has never been about the numbers, it's been about the ONE. I often write as if God is the only one who reads my blog, and if He allows ONE other person to read it, I'm blessed. So, that being said, I'm so grateful to know that you're here with me through all these changes. All the moves, career and job changes, seasons of the year and seasons in life. Thank you. I pray that my words and pictures will encourage you as we move forward from here...

Grace and peace,

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