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On Caring for the Ones that Go: A post on Missionary Care

On Caring for the Ones that Go By Marina Bromley, Marina's Kitchen Table Today I'm sharing this devotional over at my neighbor's blog    June is a Christian Fiction (Romance) Author, and has published over 15 books! Funny how God put another writer right across the street... only HE could orchestrate that. Our offices actually face each other! Although we write different genres, we still encourage and pray that God would use our words for His glory. Since it's still summer, and many missionary families will be preparing to return to their home fields, I wanted to share this post here too, to serve as a reminder of how we can love them well. Remember we ALL have a job to do in missions: GO or SEND. Let's all send well! .......... Do you know a missionary currently living in another country? Perhaps they are living someplace “closed” or dangerous for the Gospel to be shared. Whether they are serving “here, near, or far away” t

A Head Start - Welcome Back!

WHEW! I wasn't very good at staying offline this month! Let's just say that too much fun stuff went on, too many grandkids were around (and are fixin' to be back next week!), and not having internet for so long made it hard to stay away from it! My Facebook page has several posts on it, and a few of them I'll share here this week. Thank you for hanging in there with me (trying to be) offline. There's been some fun and unexpected and fun things going on in my life. Nothing life-changing, but still signs of life, and that's always good. Even when it hurts, it's a great reminder that I don't walk alone and that God is with me (and YOU!) in the midst of it all; the good, bad, boring, desperate and desolate. Everything has a season. As I prepare to return to online life, I'm excited to give you a little sneak peak of a few changes, a fresh blog design that will work better with photographs in the future, a few returning features for the future (like b

Broken and Wrong

Broken and Wrong Marina Bromley, Marina's Kitchen Table I’m not very good at many things, but one thing I am pretty accomplished at: being wrong.  So often I can stop God’s best momentum in its track, believing I’m too broken, failed too often, am too scarred and gray to amount to much. And certainly God has MUCH more talented people to use than me, right? I sound like Punchinello straight out of a Max Lucado children’s book, except instead of letting others put labels and stickers on me I’m slapping them on myself. Can anyone else relate?  . I have heard this song many times, even sang along on the chorus (and probably made up my own lyrics to sing!), but today I HEARD the lyrics as the author intended. God chooses to use us as we are, broken, scarred, sickly and imperfect. He is not done with us, and we are still under construction. . I’m so thankful for His mercy, so grateful for the cross, so amazed that in the midst of my sinful imperfections He ch