Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Hello and a Reminder...

Google Blogger has updated it's privacy permissions to be in line with the EU requirements, so there may be some legal speak from them to you, my friendly reader.

I hadn't planned on posting about that... here's what I wanted to say...  :)

Hello friends! I just wanted to drop in to say "hello" and to remind you how grateful that you are here!

With all the changes and updates on Facebook, if you want to see everything I write there, please "LIKE" that page, and then where it says "FOLLOWING" choose "SEE FIRST" on the drop down. It will put my posts as a priority in your feed when something new is written!

I don't know if you know, I've moved again! We closed on our new house on Monday, and I've been unpacking boxes, dreaming of paint colors, and today I mowed most of the yard too! There's a pretty steep hill in the backyard, so I'm dreaming of landscaping and flower gardens too! This means not just on Facebook, but here on the blog too!! I'm hoping to do an update, maybe a little facelift of sorts, and get back into doing book reviews and maybe even some give-aways!

The new house has fast internet, so I'm looking forward to exploring this new city and doing more photography again. I'm also praying about giving myself more time to write, (as in being disciplined about it!), and taking time for all things art again. Of course, it's summertime, and I'll have grandkids in and out of our home (I HOPE I get to spend some time with them!) so my art adventures may be more kid friendly than grown-up level.

Either way, I'm grateful for you being a constant in my life (when so much around me changes) and I am looking forward to spending more time interacting with y'all!

Grace and peace,

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