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Verse of the Day Meme Posts 1.29.2018

The Bible app "YouVersion" has a "verse of the day" that you can subscribe to, and each day I click in on it on my phone to read the verse they've chosen, meditate on it, pray about where it applies in my life, and sometimes I write a little about it too. Then I look at the graphics they offer to post it with, and post one of their options on to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Sometimes I want something different, so I'll open the verse in the Bible app "BibleGateway," then copy and paste it into the graphics app "Typorama" and create my own meme with one of their photos, or one of mine,  ALL ON MY PHONE!!

That's crazy, huh?? The only place I can't get to work easily on my phone is here, on the blog. Perhaps there are better blog apps that work on the iphone, but Google's aren't one of them... yet. They used to be... just not in the past few years. I'm hoping they catch up... soon.

In the meanwhile, I thought that I'd check every now and again to see if I have bandwidth to share a few of these memes online here too... since I can't do it on my phone. And while I'm here I may as well just write a little... if I have anything to say.

Lots is going on around here, and for all it's worth, I'll take my troubles and hassles over some of the things my friends are going through. Still, I'm driven to pray with them and for them and even I am looking for God to make an appearance along the edges and in a BIG way to show again that He is God.

In other news, we are full on back into home renovation projects, inside and out. Both Mark and I have felt a "God-prompt" to ready the house to sell, and so that's what we're preparing to do when we're done. We aren't sure what direction we'll go in for sure, but we're looking at things not far from here and just a bit closer to his work. We are trusting God to reveal His purpose and plan sometime between now and then, and until then it's just one step at a time! It's sort of like being in a waiting room, but with lots to juggle while you're waiting LOL

Here are a few of those meme's from my Facebook page, Marina's Kitchen Table. Be sure to subscribe there to see them sooner, and remember that you're always welcome to share them with your friends!
Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in Jesus. They are not surprised by our circumstances, and thankfully they know every detail of today, and tomorrow. #youversionverseoftheday #marinaskitchentable


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