Saturday, August 26, 2017

10 (or more) Little Photos... from Sunset Drive #LakeGuntersville

10 (or more) Little Photos... from Sunset Drive #LakeGuntersville
- Marina Bromley, Marina's Kitchen Table

I've not had my camera out much since we've moved here. I'm not sure if it's mourning the move, seasonal depression, busy-ness, or just using my phone more.

Today was Mark's company picnic, and as I've done in year's past, he asked me to bring along the camera and take photos of the other Team Members and their families having fun in all the festivities. I took a hundred (or more) photos for them to play on the breakroom tv, and on the way home Mark indulged me in "taking the long way" along Sunset Drive. It wasn't quite sunset, but the clouds were moving in, and the sun was setting, and the place they met was turning all rosy and spectacular. It didn't disappoint. Since I had my camera, we made a few stops and snapped a few shots.

I didn't quite understand how therapeutic it all was until I got to editing the photos just now. I have missed it. I love photography, and it's one of those things I've always done, and will likely always do. Even if the "10 Little Photos..." don't appear as often in this blog, I do hope to continue to post them every now and again...

God does such great work. There are so many beautiful things around here, and I don't want to ignore those blessings and not make the memories of documenting the beauty through photography. Enjoy!

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