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Life Lately

I always feel badly when I don't get to post much here. Life is changing. We have closed on the sale of our home in Arkansas, and have a week before we close on the purchase of our next home, in Alabama. It's been an emotional and physical roller coaster, with trips of one-way 9 hour drives, goodbyes to old and new friends and neighbors, and stepping into an area of the world that I've not experienced before. It befuddles me. It's different for my husband. His move goes like this: Accept the job. Sign the paperwork. Start the job. Move into temporary housing (a few weeks in a hotel and a move to a duplex). One trip by UHaul. Same thing every day: Work. Home. Try a new church on Sunday. His relationships circle around work, and me. For me, I'm back and forth. I go from excited to this new experience, to dreading saying good-bye. I cry over the thoughts of not knowing when I'll see my granddaughter next (I've babysat her almost 2 days a week for the

Sunday's Reminder: Grace

After camping in Friday's convictions, I'm grateful for Sunday's reminder - Jesus conquered sin. All sin. It's not dependent upon my obedience (although I want to respect His sacrifice with my discipleship). Great message by @patrickgarcia1 from #crossroadschristianchurch newburgh  this morning online. So good to have real, honest, transparent teaching to bring me back into the camp of grace. Happy Resurrection Day friends! Miss my CCC family. Grateful for technology  😘 #onlinechurch  — at Crossroads Christian Church .

Good Friday Considerations From Luke 12

These verses in Luke 12 are some of the most beautiful, yet at the same time, scariest, I've ever read! I love the beginning, and who wouldn't?! I love The Shepherd's voice and the thought of being called His "little flock" (32). Yet when He goes on, what a motivation for right living! I can't imagine the punishment that awaits a believer who decides not to wait for His return (v42-46). I know that there are huge theological arguments that take place over these verses. I'm not looking for an argument! Just live right, according to the convictions of God's Word on your heart. I'm not judging, I have struggles too, but I can't ignore these verses, especially today. Especially this Good Friday, while I contemplate the brutality that took place as He laid down His life for me, for us. What struggle is so huge that I wouldn't give it up for Him? What thing can I give up, not just for Lent—but for LIFE—to show a small act of thanks for w

On Friendship and a Book Review: Never Unfriended

Reading a book on friendships, in the middle of another move, made for interesting emotions. Here in Arkansas I was delighted to be so close to friends I had from years ago when we lived near there. It was comfortable to connect with them as I ran around all of NW AR for errands and appointments, and we were authentic and real with each other, but not entwined in each other's lives. I was close enough to people we knew during our 18 years in Missouri, women who became deeper friends through time on Facebook, sharing prayers and stormy nights together online from afar. Of course my heart friendships from other places (back over 35 years of friendship) came with me wherever I went! These women know my scary, messy places and all the failures in my life and loved me anyways. Still there was the group of women that I met through a church in Branson, MO that most of us ended up stepping away from in my short time in Arkansas. These women had a deep friendship group going, and they wer