Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Workaholic's Wife: A New Season

Women everywhere kiss their husbands goodbye as they head off to work, for a day, a month, sometimes longer.
In our early years, Mark traveled on the road, and he put in lots of time away when he worked at Corporate a few years back, but the past 18 months have been just lovely; a pretty normal work week and home most every night. Now it's time for a new season, and he's packing up for the week (or longer) as he heads to his new position nearly 500 miles away.
I'll wrap up some loose ends and join him soon enough, but I'll miss him still the same.
I've ironed his uniforms, praying for him, his workspace, his co-team members who need to get used to someone new at the helm. I'm praying for "the numbers," for wisdom, insight, and integrity in the workplace. I'm praying for the people who work where he's staying, that he will be a city on a hill and salt that doesn't lose his saltiness. I'm praying for his health and safety, every moment of every day. For God's will to be at work in his life, every day we are apart (and when we are together too!).
I know many women that have it so much harder, and I'm blessed to have a hard working hubby.
How do you pray for your husband?

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