Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moving, Again

As I write this I have a stack of emails to reply to in my inbox. I'll get a few phone calls today from lenders and realtors. My granddaughter, who I'm blessed to get to watch a few days a week, will be too noisy and demand attention while I try to manage a list of "must-do's" for today.

We are in the process of moving. Again. Out of the blue (well, OUR blue), God opened a door, and within a week his job has changed. Seriously. From "I'm happy with my job, and we love our recently renovated home..." to applying for a new position at the "recommendation" of a few higher-ups, praying "God's will be done" on the 8 hour drive there and back for the interview, and "BOOM!" We are moving 500 miles.

I'm a little embarrassed to say this isn't the first time it's happened.

Since my husband started working with this company 7 years ago, we have moved every 15 months (or less). This is our 5th company move.... (We made an additional move, but it was because God sold out large home unexpectedly, and we knew that was His prompt to downsize, which was TRULY a God-thing!)

Each time we move, God provides His peace. There have been a few times I haven't grabbed hold of it, but you can bet I've learned to recognize it!

Today I'm basking in His peace and provision.

There are hard things to deal with, for sure. I've spilled tears over moving so far from this grandgirl, and I'll cry more, I'm sure. I'll hate having to say good-bye to my neighbors, who have become like family, and I'm sad to leave a group of women that I've bonded with over some great books this past year.

"Will this be your last move?" I get asked a lot. Probably not. Each time we move we plan for it to be our last move. This house we downsized to, had a whole-house generator installed, replaced all the flooring and did mini-renovations on the kitchen and bathrooms. Now we've learned that we over-improved on the home, and will not see but a small fraction of the return when we sell it. My husband reminded me that we made the changes for US, not for the investment, and we have enjoyed them! What a blessing they will be to the next owners of this home!

God knows what our needs (and wants) are, and He alone already knows where we will live next! I don't need to stress about any of that! He's always sold our homes in 30 days (or less!) and He always provides a place for us to land. We have never been unintentionally homeless! His peace walks us through the process, and although it takes intentional focus to hear His voice over the clammer of consumerism, He is there with us in the midst of it all. He does not disappoint!

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