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The Workaholic's Wife: A New Season

Women everywhere kiss their husbands goodbye as they head off to work, for a day, a month, sometimes longer. In our early years, Mark traveled on the road, and he put in lots of time away when he worked at Corporate a few years back, but the past 18 months have been just lovely; a pretty normal work week and home most every night. Now it's time for a new season, and he's packing up for the week (or longer) as he heads to his new position nearly 500 miles away. I'll wrap up  some loose ends and join him soon enough, but I'll miss him still the same. I've ironed his uniforms, praying for him, his workspace, his co-team members who need to get used to someone new at the helm. I'm praying for "the numbers," for wisdom, insight, and integrity in the workplace. I'm praying for the people who work where he's staying, that he will be a city on a hill and salt that doesn't lose his saltiness. I'm praying for his health and safety, every

Moving, Again

As I write this I have a stack of emails to reply to in my inbox. I'll get a few phone calls today from lenders and realtors. My granddaughter, who I'm blessed to get to watch a few days a week, will be too noisy and demand attention while I try to manage a list of "must-do's" for today. We are in the process of moving. Again. Out of the blue (well, OUR blue), God opened a door, and within a week his job has changed. Seriously. From "I'm happy with my job, and we love our recently renovated home..." to applying for a new position at the "recommendation" of a few higher-ups, praying "God's will be done" on the 8 hour drive there and back for the interview, and "BOOM!" We are moving 500 miles. I'm a little embarrassed to say this isn't the first time it's happened. Since my husband started working with this company 7 years ago, we have moved every 15 months (or less). This is our 5th company move... . (We m

Meeting in the Meadow - An important announcement!

Hello Friends! I know that several of you are here to read Roy Lessin's posts from Meeting in the Meadow, and I'm wondering how many of you are (or are not) on Facebook. We have a page set up for Roy's writing there at the page "Meeting in the Meadow" - and in trying to streamline my time online, am hoping to ONLY post on the Facebook page ... UNLESS a number of you (I don't know what number) don't have Facebook. SO, please, IF you have Facebook, go to Roy's page , "LIKE" and "FOLLOW" and "SEE THIS FIRST" so you don't miss any of Roy's posts there. (You can "see this first" by the drop down offered under the "follow" tab.) IF you do NOT have Facebook, please leave me a note below, so I can keep count of it. It may be that we use this as information on whether it's time to create a new blog for Roy online... separating it from my personal blog space here at Marina's Kitchen Table.

Book Review: Katharina and Martin Luther (and more!)

Book Review: Katharina and Martin Luther, The Radical Marriage of a Runaway Nun and a Renegade Monk  by Michelle DeRusha -Marina Bromley I'm not a Lutheran. Or a Bible History scholar. So you might be wondering why I'd choose to read a book on Martin Luther and his wife Katharina, especially since I was clueless to their life and time in history. Well, I'm a lifelong learner! If there was enough information to make a book from one chapter of author DeRusha's book 50 Women Every Christian Should Know , then it was likely worth reading! First off, kudos to Michelle DeRusha. Her writing style and deep research made the subjects come to life. Katharina and Martin were quite the characters, and their story, even before they met, made for a rich read, more like a novel than a non-fiction book. Why has their story not been made into a movie? No one could make up the stories that outlined their life! The intensity of their life stories are only the framework for

Meeting in the Meadow: Jesus, Our Only Option - Part 1

Jesus, Our Only Option - Part 1 -Roy Lessin When you desire cold cereal for breakfast you can go to the grocery store and walk down an aisle that is stocked, from top to bottom, with every kind of cereal your taste buds could crave. If you want to buy a new house you can spend weeks or even months house hunting and considering all the choices that are available to you. Even though we like variety and are thankful for all the options that present themselves to us in life, there are times when the options before us bring frustration and confusion. We want to get the best value and make the best choice. Often, we seek out reviews and the opinions of others before we make our decisions. Clearly some choices are much more important than others. It is one thing to decide which box of cereal to eat; it is quite another thing to decide which college to attend, which career to pursue, or which person to marry. Thankfully, when it comes to the most important decision in life, God has ma

Meeting in the Meadow: God Is For You, Part 5

God Is For You, Part 5 -Roy Lessin This is the final posting in the series “God Is For You” God is for you no matter who is against you. If the devil tells you that God is against you, reject the lie and declare the truth, “God is for me, His word declares it, the death of His Son upon the cross demonstrates it, and His mercy and grace affirm it everyday to my heart.” God is for you, not because you have a nice personality, a great smile, a strong arm, a witty way, a clever disposition, self-discipline, or a lively imagination; God is for you, not because you go to church, because you have added ten minutes to your prayer time, because you have increased your giving by five percent, or because you are memorizing scripture; God is for you, not because you try to be good, because you try hard, or because you try to always do your best; God is for you because He has set His love upon you. God is for you when you walk through valleys; God is for you when you

Meeting in the Meadow: God Is For You, Part 4

God Is For You, Part 4 -Roy Lessin God gives you strength and power. God is for you. Psalm 68:35 God is your deliverer. God is for you. Psalm 68:20 God daily bears your burden. God is for you. Psalm 68:19 God leads out the prisoners into prosperity. God is for you. Psalm 68:6 God makes a home for the lonely. God is for you. Psalm 68:6 God will not turn away your prayer. God is for you. Psalm 66:20 God will not turn away His lovingkindness toward you. God is for you. Psalm 66:20 God shelters you under His wings. God is for you. Psalm 61:4 God redeems your soul from the battle against you. God is for you. Psalm 55:18 God will deliver you from all trouble. God is for you. Psalm 54:7 God will guide your life. God is for you. Psalm 48:14 God gives you favor. God is for you. Psalm 44:3 God’s song will be with you in the night. God is for you. Psalm 42:8 God holds your hand. God is for you. Psalm 37:24 God’s eyes are upon you. God is for you. Psalm 34:15 God’s ears are