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Meeting in the Meadow: Christ in You, You in Christ

Christ in You, You in Christ - Roy Lessin God alone made it possible for you to be in Christ Jesus. For our benefit God made Christ to be wisdom itself. He is the one who made us acceptable to God. He made us pure and holy, and He gave Himself to purchase our freedom.  I Corinthians 1:30 NLT For it has pleased God to tell His people that the riches and glory of Christ are for you Gentiles, too. For this is the secret: Christ lives in you, and this is your assurance that you will share in His glory. Colossians 1:27 NLT As a child of God, you are in Christ and He is in you. Each is significant in the following ways: Being in Christ means that you receive the benefits of all that He has done for you through His death, burial, resurrection and ascension; Christ being in you means that you receive the benefits of His presence, His character and His nature within you. Being in Christ changes your position before God; Christ being in you changes the inward con

Meeting in the Meadow: Fret Busters 13 - 15

Fret Busters 13-15 -Roy Lessin Fret Buster #13: If you don’t have peace about what you are doing, stop doing it. Fret Buster #14: “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27 Fret Buster #15: The peace that God gives you is not circumstantial peace. Being in a hammock at the beach on a warm sunny day is not a picture of God’s peace. Remember, the peace in your heart is God’s peace; it’s there because He’s there, not because everything around you is calm and serene. This post originally appeared in December 2008.  ©2016, Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow Reprint requests should be sent to Roy's book, Fret Busters Devotional can be found for sale in Christian bookstores, and online here . 

Book Review: All the Pretty Things, Edie Wadsworth

When I found I had been given the opportunity from Tyndale to read  All the Pretty Things  for review I was nearly beside myself. The previews and comments from other authors seemed surreal, and I knew that it would be difficult to read, given the hardships and poverty I knew existed in the Appalachians. I was right, there was plenty of difficult situations that author  Edie Wadsworth  had to overcome, and overcome she did. I love a good memoir. After reading Emily Wierenga's book, Atlas Girl , I was hooked. I've always been a "real story" girl, not wanting the fiction of make believe things, but preferring the stories that happen in life - the struggles, the disasters, the tragedy and yes, real-life redemption. Even when they hurt, leave me with a heart broken up for the injustices in the world, or joyfully celebrating, I want to know those feelings because of real stuff that's happened. The realities that Edie had to deal with in her life were seemingly una

Meeting in the Meadow: God's Overwhelming Generosity

God’s Overwhelming Generosity  - Roy Lessin Everything in your life that flows out of love has come to you from God. Everything in your life that is good has been initiated by God. God has done everything for you, He is everything to you, and He is enriching other lives through you. His generosity is overwhelming; His blessings are limitless; His love is endless. No one has favored you more than God. He has removed every stain of your sin, He has cleansed all the defilement of your iniquity, and He has silenced every voice of condemnation that hung over your head. He has saved you, redeemed you, and justified you. All of God’s grace abounds toward you, all of Christ’s riches are made available to you, and all spiritual blessings are provided for you. In Christ, you have received the treasures that can never be taken away, the hope that can never fade away, and the life that will never pass away. As you walk with Jesus day by day, you will find that your thankfulnes

Meeting in the Meadow: The Gift We Give to God

The Gift We Give to God Roy Lessin Then one of them, upon seeing that he was cured, turned back, recognizing and thanking and praising God with a loud voice.  Luke 17:15 AMPC The Bible tells us that one day Jesus’ heart of compassion responded to the desperate cries of ten lepers. They were outcasts without hope, without friends, separated from society and human contact. Some people ignored them, some pitied them, some despised them, some wept for them, but none could change them. Jesus was their only hope. “Have mercy on us,” was their collective cry. Jesus responded to them with a word. Not a word of sympathy or pity, but a word of power. It hit them like a thunderbolt. “Go show yourself to the priest.” What a statement! According to the law, you went to see the priest to verify your healing. And as they went, in obedience to His word, they were healed—all ten! To be instantly healed from leprosy was amazing. It meant everything—a place in society, a job, hugs and

Meeting in the Meadow: There's No Place Like Home!

There’s No Place Like Home! Roy Lessin If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him. John 14:23 The Man Without a Country is a sad story that tells the plight of Philip Nolan, who renounces the United States of America and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life on warships of the United States Navy, without the right to ever again set foot on U.S. soil or hear its name mentioned. One of the saddest stories in real life is the plight of the homeless who live on city streets and parks throughout the country. These are people with a thousand different stories to tell, but who all have one thing in common, the absence of a place they can call “home.” The saddest story of all is to learn of someone who is spiritually homeless. There is no greater emptiness, loneliness, or isolation than this. Jesus Christ came to make His home within our hearts. His presence makes it possible for every pe

Meeting in the Meadow: Will the "Real You" Please Stand Up!

Will the “Real You” Please Stand Up! By Roy Lessin Do you know who you really are in Jesus Christ? Have you discovered your true identity and are you living in the reality of it today? Years ago there was a TV game show called To Tell the Truth. During the show three contestants, each claiming the same identity, stood before a panel of judges. The object of the show was to see if the panel, by asking a series of questions to the contestants, could identify who was telling the truth. After the panel members made their guess, the host of the show would say, “Will the real ………….please stand up.” If you do not know who you are Christ, you will not be able to “stand up” to your true identity. Because you are in Christ, you cannot let the devil try to tag you with a false identity. You are the Lord’s person and possession. He made you and He owns you. He has ownership of you through creation and redemption. Isn’t good to know that you are doubly His! You are no

Meeting in the Meadow: A Few Quotes

A Few Quotes Our Christian life today is a foretaste of the heavenly banquet still to come; for God has “made us to sit down with Him” who first was seated by mighty power in the heavenly places far above all (Ephesians 1:20; 2:6). This means that the work of salvation is not ours but His. It is not that we work for God but that He has worked for us. God gives us our position of rest. He brings His Son’s finished work and presents it to us, and then He says to us, “Please sit.” His offer of salvation cannot, I think, be better expressed than in the words of invitation to the great feast in the parable: “Come; for all things are now ready.” -Watchman Nee You are His…by conquest. What a battle He had in us before we were won! How long He laid siege to our walls against Him. But we have become the conquered captives of His omnipotent love. Thus chosen, purchased, and subdued, the rights of our divine Possessor are inalienable. -C.H. Spurgeon

Meeting in the Meadow: "Gordon"

"Gordon" The following posting is from Laurie Marie Hopper. Laurie works in a Christian bookstore and her time spent with customers is an important part of her daily ministry.  ----- Life lessons learned in the DaySpring isle... Some lessons in life I only have to learn once, but others it seems I have to learn over and over. Like the lesson of Gordon ... I'll never forget the day I met him. He was looking for a card for his "dear wife" as he called her. Now Gordon is an elderly man in his one time he was a very tall gentleman. Gordon is stooped over a little and has a VERY wrinkly face. I saw Gordon and said "Hi! How are you today?" I looked Gordon right in the eyes and smiled. Gordon looked back at me for a long time like he was pleasantly shocked someone would talk to him. We struck up a conversation and before long I learned that he had fought in world wars and had been a missionary and a pastor for many years. He

Meeting in the Meadow: The Work of My Hands

The Work of my Hands By Roy Lessin And let the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord our God be upon us; confirm and establish the work of our hands—yes, the work of our hands, confirm and establish it. Psalm 90:17 AMPC It’s a wonderful thing to know that God’s favor and blessing can be upon the work we are doing. Sometimes we can mistakenly think that God only cares about the work of the pastors, youth leaders, choir members, and missionaries, but doesn’t care about us and what we do. It is easy to think that a job in the workplace is secular work and a job in the church is Christian work. If God has provided you with a job in the workplace He wants to bless you in the workplace. All honorable work that is done unto the Lord can glorify Him and accomplish His purpose. He wants to bless the work of your hands. He wants to bless your employer through the work you do, He wants to bless others through the work of your hands, and He wants to bless you. He w

10 Little Photos... and a few more...

I haven't done a "10 Little Photos..." post in a long while, and I thought it would be the best way to showcase some of the fall color that has lingered around here. OK. Perhaps it should have been titled "20 or more photos..." I'm surprised I have this many photos. It seems fall color was slow to start, and the local meteorologists kept saying it was too dry to get much color. I expected it to all turn brown and fall off the branches before reaching any intense color. The peak of color is usually in early October, but we haven't had a hard freeze yet, and the temps have stayed unseasonably warm. There hasn't been the brilliant colors that I've seen in the past, but there is some color coming out now, rather late. It's beautiful, and I'm so grateful and thankful to see the reds, oranges and yellows linger on the horizon. Some of these photos were taken at Silver Dollar City in Branson, just a short drive down the road fr

Meeting in the Meadow: Today (From Today is Your Best Day)

Today  (From Today is Your Best Day)  By Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven. Philippians3:14 NLT There is a heavenly call of God upon you today. A call for you to move on and press on toward all that He has prepared for you. Yesterday’s progress is all behind you. Your best day is today, whether you take a small step forward or a giant leap, this day will move you closer than you have ever been before. What a day this is! You have never gone this way before. Today may be the start of an anticipated vacation, the day of a planned event, or it may be a normal day spent around the house or at the office. What you have planned for today is not what makes it meaningful. What makes your day meaningful is that God is in it. God was in your day when you first opened your eyes. He has sustained you through the night, greeted you with new mercies at mornin

Meeting in the Meadow: Punctuation Marks

Punctuation Marks By Roy Lessin, Meeting in the Meadow Are you going through a time of change in your life? How does God want you to view this change? Consider your life like a story that God is writing, one sentence at a time. This time of change is one of the sentences in your story. Sentences are written with punctuation marks, and each punctuation mark has a different meaning. If God were punctuating this time of change in your life what punctuation mark would He use? God would not use a period. A period would leave you with the sense that you were at the end. This could lead you into despair and discouragement. Your life is not over just because you are going through change, no matter how great that change may be. God promises you hope and a future. God would not use a question mark. A question mark would leave you with the sense of uncertainty. Uncertainty would be the doorway that leads you into worry. God does not want you to worry about the change you are go