Friday, August 26, 2016

Proverbs for Fall

I've been working hard these past few days. Praying. Pondering. Putting into action. God knows my heart and although I admit I hesitate a moment every now and again - I have nothing to lose.
I've known for a while that September I'll be ditching my reading plans and camping out in Proverbs. I've done that before, but this is more intentional, and I'm not going there alone, and I expect God will speak to us. I am also inviting some friends along, to share what God is revealing to them through the Proverbs too.
I want to invite you to come along too. Whether you are a blog reader or a strictly Facebook kinda person, hang out with us in Proverbs the next several months. We start on September 1, and will repeat it at least through December - 3 months in a row, just one Proverb a day, you read your Bible and I'll read mine. I may throw something special up in a personal commentary kind of way, or a friend may have heard a clear message to share and encourage, but then again, maybe not... We will just see where God goes with this!!
#marinaskitchentable #proverbsforfall
The view from Marina's Kitchen Table, out to the bird feeders in the back yard... This view will be changing over the next few months, and I invite you to come along as a few friends and I journey through Proverbs this fall. 

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