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Another Ozarks' Sunset

Just a few photos of God's amazing creation here around the Ozarks... and proof that we have some fun around here too... hubby Mark and sweet friend-like-family Rachel (who's been working this summer out at Kids Across America). Happy Sabbath. -marina

The Happiness Dare: Week 3, Book Review

Oh my. I read this book because I loved her book Love Idol, and I thought this would be a good book to have in my library as I encourage others to do Missionary Care. I didn't realize the profound effect that the book would have on me!  Oh, it starts off fun enough, identifying your happiness style and how it affects your outlook on life (or how others' styles are affected). As you get deeper into it, it breaks you wide open with little exercises to allow you to change your brain's happiness power in 5 minutes a day.  She uses science and scripture, stories and confessions to guide us along this life-changing journey at a time there is so much to be unhappy about in the world. The timing is perfect. We need this book today.  (I read this book as a part of a pre-release book club and I received a free digital copy to read in exchange for my honest review. I purchased 2 more copies of the book - and will be leading a Women's book club through my church this fall, because

Mums the Word... Around My Yard

Mums the word... but zinnias are the flower! I've shared before how Mark scattered wild flower seeds in a garden plot in the back yard, and the view of it conti nues to change. There are things already fading (like the bachelor buttons) and some things just coming into their glory (like the zinnias). I just love the pinks and oranges that are dominating that space right now! Some of my favorite colors, and they just make me happy! I hope that these blooms (and a few bugs) bring you happiness today, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances! Know that God loves you. He created you with intention and purpose. There's only ONE YOU, and there's no plan b for your life. He loves you just the way you are! ‪#‎ thehappinessdare‬   ‪#‎ backyardblooms‬


It seems each day brings a new reason to fly our flags at half-staff...


The Easter message of Resurrection is for us every day!  I'm glad that in a world full of death and destruction, life can be found in Jesus!  HE LIVES!! He overcame the grave! We can find life and restoration and renewal in Him and His Word. Daily. 

The Happiness Dare, Week 2

This past week's reading in The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee was challenging for me. Although I loved the Happiness Style Assessment , I wasn't sure of my results. I scored highest in the "Giver" category, but close behind in the other 4; all within 8 points of each other. My other areas of Happiness Styles were Relater, Experiencer, Thinker and Doer, in that order. I struggled with the fact that my scores were all so close, and that I could relate to each of the categories in my life with strong examples of happiness shining through. I wasn't sure if having so many so close together was a good thing, or a bad thing. I landed with the fact that it's just a "God thing."  He created me this way, and through life's experiences I've had the opportunity to develop happiness traits in many ways. It's not as odd as I thought it was. I'm not THAT unusual. Many people have clusters of strong points, usually with two or three o