Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Book Review: Catch a Star - Shining through Adversity to Become a Champion

I don't know what led me to want to read a book on three-time Gold Medalist and WNBA All-Star basketball player Tamika Catchings life. I'm not a basketball fan at all, don't follow the sport and didn't know her name or any of her story. I think I was just looking to expand my reading horizons, and this book caught my eye!

It also held my interest. From the get-go, reading about her home life, her upbringing, her personal story, was interesting.

I admit, I got a little lost in all the stats of her college and career games, but a true sports enthusiast would enjoy that part of it. I was more interested in the person rather than the game. Still, the relationships and activities that made her who she is was good to read.

I found many nuggets of gold towards the end of the book, as she grew in faith and saw God's hand leading her through difficult circumstances and injuries. It is an inspirational story as much as it is a story about an accomplished woman, and we can all learn from it.

There were some writing quirks that caught me off guard through the book, and it made me wonder how carefully it was edited. Perhaps it was more a writing style that didn't jive with me? It annoyed me, but didn't keep me from reading the book.

Overall, the book was very good. I would recommend it to any person interested in sports and needing to read about someone overcoming adversity on or off their field of play. It would be a great motivational book for most people. Her tenacious living is inspiring, and she displays the benefits of hard training and pushing through difficult life circumstances, whether in family relationships, or on the court.

I received a copy of the book "Catch a Star" from Revell House Publishing, in exchange for an honest review of the book.

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