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Dogwoods in the Neighborhood

Where we are living now (in AR) is a small subdivision built in the woods. Since the neighborhoods were not built out completely, and we live on a very underdeveloped street of only 6 houses, there are a number of trees still standing around these homes. Many of the trees are generic tall trees, and I can only tell what kind of trees they are by the type of acorn or seed laying on the ground below them. This year was exceptionally bountiful in the acorn and nut season, so when I walk around our yard I hear the "crunch crunch" of the acorns and shells under my feet. In the fall the neighbors said that it was one of the heartiest crops they could remember of acorns and nuts, so we all expected a LONG, COLD, HARD winter. It hasn't hit us yet, and we're running out of time... (I sure hope it doesn't hit now!!). Mark built a firepit out in the back yard, and one of the trees he had to cut down became re-purposed into little stools around it. The sun hit just right