Marriage and moving...

Tomorrow I'm celebrating one thing I've dreaded in my marriage - moving! 

I'm never thrilled with the suddenness of the change, the amount of work, the eye rolling of my friends or family... but if I'm honest, as I  look back each move has had a purpose. I may not have seen it then, but moves have improved health, marriage, relieved some stress (in the long run), had financial or time benefits, provided (or removed) ministry opportunities, opened doors to new friendships and improved extended family connections. I ALWAYS see God's hand and feel His peace in the process. It always brings Mark and I closer together at the start, and I love the hours together house hunting or ironing out details. 

I know it's not cool, but sometimes I get a little excited about the prospect of another move. Who doesn't love a little adventure? I don't climb mountains, ski, or do extreme sports, but I move! 

Don't worry, it's not on our radar to move again, but I did leave space at the bottom of the board! #thankfulandgrateful #companymove #marriage #anniversary #theworkaholicswife #homesweethome🏡


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