Monday, January 18, 2016

Overdue Books (Reviews)

I remember, as a mom living in a small town, having a 2 county library system that didn't charge for overdue books. I was shocked! I still tried hard to keep my kids books corralled into one backpack, or one corner of the house, but of course, they got lost STILL, and we had a few of them returned late in the end.

Now, as an adult who has moved 5 times in 6 years, I don't even have a library card for the area we live in! That's horrible! As a lover of books, an advocate for all things reading and literacy, there's no reason for me NOT to have one.

Except, well... if you MUST know, I haven't even gotten my driver's license yet. OOPS.

I'll do it tomorrow, I promise, since I have to get out anyways.

It's been a fall of traveling and illness for me, and then all things grandkids, and time has slipped away. In the midst of being in bed resting, I managed to read 3 books from Revell. Today, as I cleared out my email inbox, I realized that although I posted about them on my Facebook page I forgot to link them to my blog, or post it here. OOPS again!

I must be slipping in my old age...  hehe. All that mail from AARP is catching up with me...

Don't let the fact that Christmas has passed keep you from reading these books! It's cold out, and it's always fun to hunker indoors with a fun book to pass the time until Spring arrives!

The Christmas Joy Ride by Melody Carlson: This book was so refreshing for me to read, just before the holidays and after we moved far from our kids and grandkids. It was entertaining, humorous, and had me laughing out loud upon occasion! The character development was done really well, and I loved the relationships between Joy and Miranda. I could especially relate to Joy's personality, as she fit so many other older women I know that age and season in life. (ahem. NOT me! ;) )

I'd really recommend this book for several ages/stages in life. I'm not sure that men would enjoy it as much as women, but there are a few that would. It was an easy read, and I devoured it. It was really enjoyable!

Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson: I did enjoy the book, Every Girl Gets Confused, but I think it would be more enjoyed by a younger age woman. At times, I wanted to skip ahead to get through the conversations. Even though it was well written, it was just to "romance novel" focused.

I thought that the character development was done well, and it wasn't as predictable as I expected it to be. It was fun as new characters were brought in, and to see the turns in the story as they entered the story line.

I don't usually read series, and this wasn't one that I'll read another book in. Again, personal age/stage was a little too young for me. Perhaps a college age (or even high school) would enjoy the story more.

Keeping Christmas by Dan Walsh: This was the second book I've read by Dan Walsh, and I enjoy his writing style and character development. With this dealing with "semi-retired" couples, it was more my age and stage than the other books, and easier to relate to (although my husband is still working full time!). I loved the relationship and the spiritual influences, and could totally relate to the feelings that each character was displaying. I loved how the men interacted and their schemes too. It was funny!

I think that it was my favorite book of the 3 I read, and I'd highly recommend it for anyone to read. I think there's a lot to be learned from it, and may help younger readers (in their 20's - 40's) learn a little about where those over 50 are coming from, what they think about, how their adult kids and grandkids affect their attitudes and moods.

There were moments of bittersweet emotions, honestly portrayed, and like real life, it wasn't all fun and games. I really loved this story!

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