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Overdue Books (Reviews)

I remember, as a mom living in a small town, having a 2 county library system that didn't charge for overdue books. I was shocked! I still tried hard to keep my kids books corralled into one backpack, or one corner of the house, but of course, they got lost STILL, and we had a few of them returned late in the end. Now, as an adult who has moved 5 times in 6 years, I don't even have a library card for the area we live in! That's horrible! As a lover of books, an advocate for all things reading and literacy, there's no reason for me NOT to have one. Except, well... if you MUST know, I haven't even gotten my driver's license yet. OOPS. I'll do it tomorrow, I promise, since I have to get out anyways. It's been a fall of traveling and illness for me, and then all things grandkids, and time has slipped away. In the midst of being in bed resting, I managed to read 3 books from Revell. Today, as I cleared out my email inbox, I realized that although I po

More Wildlife

Life is pretty quiet out here in the Ozarks. I find myself "going to town" a few times a week, or for "date-night" with my hubby, but the rest of the time is spent around this little house in the woods, with my camera perched conveniently near me. Here are a few photos that I took the other day...