Saturday, December 26, 2015

Today... in pics and a few words...

The past few months have been busy... to say the least.

Preparing a home to sell.
Moving into a temporary apartment so my husband can start a new position in a new location.
Selling the house.
House hunting at the new location.
Attending the International Conference On Missions (ICOM) in VA.
Still sick. Or sick again.
Finding a house.
Leaving the old house.
Moving the apartment.
Painting the new house.
Moving everything into the new house.
Still sick. Or sick again.
Getting 6 of the grandkids for a few weeks, while their youngest sibling is born.
Taking those 6 back home to see their new sibling.
Christmas, with family.
And still sick.

So today, I finally picked up my camera. There were photos on it from dropping off the grandkids, and photos from moving into the house last October. It had been a while.

I've been posting more frequently on my Facebook page, but I know it's not the same. So I'm sorry. I'll try to be better.

This was today:

Between loads of laundry and thunderstorm downpours, I went outside. I love these days, even though I love warm sunshine more. If it were all sunshine and blue skies, I wouldn't appreciate it at all!
God's the same way; He prepares us in season. He gives us what we need before we need it... rest between craziness, abundance of supply before seasons of need. We may not see it ahead of time, we may feel unprepared, overwhelmed, exhausted. He doesn't want US to DO, He wants us to let HIM PROVIDE. He just wants us to ask. It will come.
It may not look like we want it to, or as He provides for others. He may do something completely new and different for you. For me. I need to hear this too.
He is here. He will provide. Again and again. I need to stay with Him every step of the way. He is Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider...

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