Monday, September 7, 2015

(non) Labor Day

We are in the transition phase of life right now. New job for my husband. Home listed and sold. Seeking a new home. Asking God what's next for me.

He has been so faithful, even though I have not always been. If I've been faithful, I've not been joyful. I'm still learning. 

As we drove from one area we are considering living in, to check the mileage and road to where his new job is, we hit a very long stretch of unpaved, gravel road. Not one that gets limestone packed on it, one red with the local clay and rocks and boulders that each rain harvests a new crop of. 

It was a rougher ride than the UHaul we came out in. 

We saw on our Google Maps app that the road turned to paved "ahead"... But that "ahead" kept inching forward more and more.  Eventually the road went to a limestone chip, then to a rough pavement. Finally things looked familiar, as we found ourselves near a home he had looked at a few days ago.

All along the bumpy road, panoramic views blessed us from every angle. It was physically painful for me, but I never would have seen the beauty of the area if we had never left the paved road.

Chances are, we never would have driven past the house he already looked at. We never would have chosen to drive the rocky road... Never would have expected to see such beauty.

God brings us outside our comfort zones to be blessed, not just to challenge us...

I'm still learning...

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