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(This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own, and not influenced by goods or services received by me.) It's been so busy here recently. People coming and going. Appointments made, travels done, visitors coming, staying, and then packing up and going again. Events taken in. Milestones made. Celebrations shared. I mark each day off my calendar, wandering around the house, cooking in the kitchen, trying hard to not count the "last times" in my heart. You know, the "last times" of living in this house. The last time my girls will be here together (I think... it may happen one more time). The last time I'll run around the yard (or this kitchen) with my grandsons. The last time we'll be at this church together. The last time we'll gaze at the moon from this patio. The first time the "last times" hit me hard was when I was preparing for my daughter to travel overseas with her husband to work in a new mission field.

The Road to Kingston

A few days after Mark arrived in Arkansas to begin his new position, he sent me a beautiful photo that he took on his way in to work. He actually pulled over on the side of the road and took the picture with his phone (which has a better camera than mine). I was impressed, not only with his composition and quality of the photo, but that he stopped the car, got out, and took the picture (at least I HOPE he did!). We have had rain the past few days, and I've driven by the turn out on the highway where he stopped for that photo. I told a friend yesterday that I was going to stop and take pictures one morning, but the cloudy skies didn't make it very pretty. This morning I woke up WAY too early. It was pitch black out still, and since I'm not normally up this time of day (and because of the changing seasons we are losing sunlight each day) I had no idea what time sunrise actually happened. I waited for Mark's alarm to go off just before 5, and let him scoot out the door

(non) Labor Day

We are in the transition phase of life right now. New job for my husband. Home listed and sold. Seeking a new home. Asking God what's next for me. He has been so faithful, even though I have not always been. If I've been faithful, I've not been joyful. I'm still learning.  As we drove from one area we are considering living in, to check the mileage and road to where his new job is, we hit a very long stretch of unpaved, gravel road. Not one that gets limestone packed on it, one red with the local clay and rocks and boulders that each rain harvests a new crop of.  It was a rougher ride than the UHaul we came out in.  We saw on our Google Maps app that the road turned to paved "ahead"... But that "ahead" kept inching forward more and more.  Eventually the road went to a limestone chip, then to a rough pavement. Finally things looked familiar, as we found ourselves near a home he had looked at a few days ago. All along the bumpy road, panoramic views bl

10 Little Photos... Past and Present (and Future Reflection)

I have been sad lately about moving again. Maybe not sad sad, but in the undertow of it all. Even though my husband it taking the helm of this move, there's still so much that needs to be done by me... it's overwhelming... mostly because we've done it once a year for the past 5 years. As I was driving home tonight, I was really enjoying the afternoon sights. The sun was setting up for a lovely sunset. It was "the golden hour" and the corn, soybean and tobacco crops were golden in the sun's low position. I thought about how much I'm going to miss the everyday scenery here. Then, as I was editing the photos, I ran across photos from a few years ago... photos I took as I was leaving town, from the roadside - just as I was doing tonight. It's no coincidence, but the photos were taken in the same area that we are moving to soon. I hope that no matter where we are living, I can appreciate the local color, the native flavor, and delight in the bea