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Proverb a Day: Proverbs 12

The theme for today's Proverb is "words." It contains so many verses that remind us how powerful they can be!

As a wife, mom, grandma, friend, worker or boss, writer or speaker (to one, a hundred, or ten thousand!), our words are powerful. Our words matter. They are important. I think that's why these verses are in remind us. I think it repeats the theme to show us how important it is, how impactful our words are.

A million years ago (ok, maybe 30-some) I took a management class in college. One of the first topics in that class was "words," and one of the first points made was "we have 2 ears but only 1 mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak." The second point was "It takes 3 kind things to remove the 1 negative thing you've said to an employee, otherwise you will crush their spirit and you can lose them as a worker."

I think that's true to all kinds of relationships. If we offer correction to a child, ask for a change in our spouse, give advice to a friend (when asked for), we need to affirm them with truth as well.

I can apply this to my "self-talk" too! I really do need to lose 20 pounds (or 40, but who is counting?), but I am still loved by my husband, I am able to impact the lives of my family and neighborhood, and God loves me and wants to use me for kingdom work!

It doesn't mean I still don't need to lose some weight, and it doesn't sugar-coat that fact, but it reminds me that this fact can not beat me up. It's just one thing. If I achieve my weight-loss goals I can do more with my husband, play harder with my grands, and I can prayer-walk my neighborhood to impact friendships, bind the enemy, and see God go to work!

Words matter!!

Read the entire text of Proverbs 12 here. There are SO many verses that have to do with words, you should read them all! 

(For a great prayer walking resource, please email me at marinaskitchentable (at) gmail (dot) com)
(For a great prayer walking resource, please email me at marinaskitchentable (at) gmail (dot) com)


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