Sunday, August 16, 2015

10 Little Photos (more or less) - Memories of (this) Home

If you know me, you know that we've moved a lot. Really. A LOT. More than most people, certainly for the corporate world (we are not military). We have averaged a move every 3-5 years of our marriage (31 years!). Sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. Even when we lived in SW MO for 18 years (one job), we averaged a move every 3 years. I know, that's a lot... and not really normal.

These past 5 1/2 years that my husband has been with this company, we've moved even more. We have averaged a move a year! Only once was it not job driven (we moved on our own to be closer to our grandkids... figuring we wouldn't always have the opportunity to be so close... well.. we heard right!).

Each place has been beautiful and I don't have a favorite all together. One spot had great neighbors. One had amazing fellowship of believers. One was closer to grandkids. Each one was indulgent, and I know that God had something special in mind when He orchestrated it. He wants good things for us!

Still, it's hard! I get confused in little ways... like imagining what airport my husband is flying in to. If I'm at the grocery store, I think about how much I have to carry how far, and where I'll park to bring the groceries in (we've lived in apartments before each of these moves into houses... for a few months at least, so often it feels like 2 moves each time). When I wake up in the morning, it takes me a moment to orient myself, especially when we're in a moving mode. It takes a while for my brain to catch up...

This season has been good. We've made some good memories with grandkids, and I've had to lean in harder to God to come to a place of peace in this home. If that's the only reason He keeps moving us, then it's totally worth it. I feel that He has prompted my heart over the past 6 months or so with the theme of "getting smaller" and all the prompting of "choosing the hardest thing." More recently He's spoken to me of being "tethered to God" and "heresick" so I know that He's calling me to deeper waters. I'll go, in obedience, and cling to Him in the process.

I wanted to get this post done before the pre-move madness takes place, and my house is full of grandkids for one last hurrah. I wanted to share a few memories from this house, and from the life we've shared here... and also ask for you to pray for His timing in the selling of this home and buying of the next one... that we'll remain open to His leading and listen to His heart through the process... that my husband remains teachable as he learns a new position, and as I learn to navigate new roads, meet new faces, as we make new memories, and capture them on film.  

((thank you))

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