Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Proverb a Day: Proverbs 21, Spiritual Naps, and being a Complaining Wife...

"Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap." - Unknown

I don't know who said that first, but I have used that quote a lot since hearing it from a mommy-friend a few years ago. It was actually said to a ministry partner who skipped the church service on Sunday, needing badly to catch up on rest after a profoundly busy week... he had permission from that mom (a church staff person) to stay home and practice the Sabbath.

This week I'm caring for 4 of my grandkids, aged 2-7, while their parents are on a trip alone. I'm having fun with their silly antics, though I admit, I'm much out of practice at cooking 3 meals a day (and cleaning up afterwards!) and keeping them moving in one direction with clean faces and all.

To compound the week being out of sorts, my husband is having a particularly difficult season at work, with additional issues and problems that have put him back to a 7 day work week... and LONG days at that!

For me, this means extra-long days too... and even keeping the kids awake later than normal to be able to allow them a little time to see their grandpa before going to bed. It's keeping me awake later than normal to get to connect with him about our days too.

I want to be able to be level-headed and pleasant, not gripy and complaining. I know that his corporate day is way more stressful than anything I can face here. I'm grateful that he sees that it's a blessing for me to be working from home in this season, and to do it all well, I want to be in the best frame of mind to serve him when he gets home.

When I read today's Proverb, it hit me hard to take this to heart AND application.

As I set up my naptime playlist, I realized that I needed a nap too. It was necessary today - for me - and for them, for him, and for our marriage.

It may cut short any writing I'll get done today, but I so desperately need to close my eyes and rest; to awaken anything but a "grumpy grandma" that I am in this moment, which would develop into anything but a pleasant wife by the time he hit the door!

May you have the courage to find the grumpy grandma (or grandpa) in you, and slay her with a good nap!!

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