Friday, July 4, 2014

Five Minute Friday... Exhale

I haven't done this (Five Minute Friday) in a LONG while... when I get to working on other's blogs too much (or just working too much!) it stagnates my writing... so, on the cusp of this day, I read Lisa-Jo Baker's blog and caught wind of this week's Five Minute Friday word... "Exhale," and I could relate. 

I wanted to EXHALE too.

I had to jump in.

So here's the rules (from her site): 
So come and write with us. Together. On one word for five minutes. Here are all the details. And then link up your post or leave it in the comments by clicking here. But remember, the one must rule here is that you visit the person who linked up before you and encourage them in their writing. - See more at: 

Reading back through Emily Wierenga's "Atlas Girl" so I can finish my post on it...
And here are my 5 minutes on "Exhale": 

I've come out in the sun on the patio to read. Just to step away from the screen and soak in sunshine and words. To distract me from the task of today. The "stuff" of life. I just want to breathe.

I'm reminded of a breathing exercise that our long-ago youth group minister would do to get the kids to focus. INHALE, say "More of You, Jesus" = EXHALE, say "Less of me."

This slowly transforms my "me" agenda to a moment of inviting Him to be in this place. I want - no NEED - to feel Him here. Just these few moments, before I crack open the spine of the book again. before I slip my straps down to soak up more sun. Just NOW. I need to EXHALE all of the ME and breathe in ALL OF HIM. I need more of Him. Now. Every breath.

I'm reminded of a quote that I'd read in Jennifer Dukes Lee's book "Love Idol" - something about getting up every morning and "getting over myself" to let Him give me more of His agenda, His perspective, His focus. Live for Him in that day.

I need to do that more. Again. 

Because while I can breathe in more and more of Him, if there's too much ME in there, I don't have room for HIM... (end)

My prayer: 

Lord, I'm so sorry. I confess that I let the busy-ness of each day, the worries of this life on earth, squeeze out the room in my head, my lungs, my heart - that belong to You. Take them all back. I surrender my body, my breath, back to You. Take it. Use it for Your glory, Your will, here on earth; that I may have more of You and Your life more abundantly, both here and in heaven. - Amen 


  1. I love your heart, your words and your prayer, Marina. Also, thanks for the prompt to order Atlas Girl. It's been on my to-do list - which gets far too long, but will now be joining my checked-off list. Bless your day as you breathe in more of Jesus.

    1. Thank you Pat, for your kind words of encouragement!

  2. Loved this post!! I will be teaching that breathing exercise to my kiddos. Such a wonderful way of thinking about breath. Thank you!!

    1. I'm so glad you will use it with your kids!
      Thanks for stopping by!


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