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Begin - Five Minute Friday

I'm joining in with the gals at Five Minute Friday today... where the word of the week is "Begin."

You can find all the details here on how we write... 5 minutes flat. No corrections. No worries. Just our thoughts on the word of the week...

This is so appropriate! To have this word, BEGIN as the word of the week THIS week! TODAY! 
Today is a new BEGINning for me! Launching soon at from here (thank you very much Dan at FistbumpMedia)! 

And to boot... I was thinking of "BEGIN" this morning, before the word was ever set out at the FMFParty tonight...
I got to BEGIN my morning out with dear friends; friends that live in another country now; friends that I love and miss and pray for nearly daily. They are stateside now, just a few more weeks, and I was blessed to take a little time with them, enjoying the lovely weather, and finding out their favorite spot for family photos.

It brought me back to thinking of time we had spent together... when our friendship first began, getting to know each other and knowing that we were more than just friends, but more of kindred spirits. How we ended up taking a trip together... her daughter, and she and I and 2 other women who are now dear friends... each of us finding our calling and BEGINning to follow Him into the deep of Him. Moving to other states, other countries, and supporting all of them there. 

How we have prayed together; and have seen God answer prayers. How we didn't even know that we'd be signed in to the same concert at an online website that allowed us to chat the early morning hours away. How God managed to move us all over the place at different times and still keep our friendship in tact. How we've laughed, and cried, and every emotion in between. How God works new beginnings from difficult spaces, times; how He makes all things new... taking our old, weary and tired and giving us a new place to BEGIN. 


The Bible verse in the photo is the theme verse for the trip we took together... it served us well on the journey, and in our friendship...

God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10 NLT

I won't always get to participate in FMF, but I'm hoping to as much as possible... trying to give these writing prompts a fun place here at my new space! 

Have a blessed weekend! 


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