Monday, May 19, 2014

(in)couragers online community groups... (in)courage global care

For the past few years there's been an amazing community online that has continued to bloom and grow. You might be familiar with (in)courage, but do you know about our online community groups? 

A few times a year we throw open the doors and allow new women the opportunity to get involved in the different communities online. This time, (TODAY!) there are more than 70 groups, and over 160 volunteer online leaders, with groups of women in just about every age and stage of life! You can find out about them here.

I'm continuing to lead a group called (in)courage global care, for women missionaries, women who assist in missionary care, women who are moms, sisters and friends of missionaries on the field. We share information, encourage the women where they are (on the field, missing a best friend or family member during the holidays, or praying about how to engage more fully in missions), and PRAY a lot for the women in our group.

Do you know a missionary? Are you actively supporting one financially or prayerfully? Do you want to get more involved in missions, but aren't sure what you can do? Then you're in the right place! Please join us!

Registration takes place THIS WEEK for our upcoming session. You need to sign up over at the (in)courager Groups page, and the group leaders will contact you with an invitation to join in the group of your choice. (Hint Hint... (in)courage global care is under the "ministry" heading...)

I hope that you'll be (in)couraged and join in with us, if not my group, then with one of the others that best meets YOUR needs! You'll find a group of women who accept you, love you and will pray with you through this phase of life!!

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