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From the Archives of Auntie Em Writes - The Prodigal Child

Summertime is here, the garden needs tending, work is keeping me at my kitchen table and all I see when I look out is the too-long-green-lawn, and I'd REALLY rather be sitting on a chaise on the patio with one of the books I'm reading...  SO, I'm making the call to re-post one of my articles from my past and share it with you now... I hope it inspires you, encourages you, and that you'll come back for more! You can subscribe if you look to your right...  over there ...  >>>  I have lived some of my life as a prodigal child. I know that there are always seasons where our life with God becomes stagnant, but there have been times I’ve turned my back on Him, and had to come to a point of repentance and restoration. Recently, I was reflecting on how it changed my heart; having lived on “that side of the fence” and making poor choices that affected my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I was surprised by a few things while reading in Luke 15, that I

The Power of Encouragement - An Example - An (in)courager Link Up

This week I'm linking up with (in)courage to celebrate signing up for (in)courager groups ! I've been involved in this aspect of (in)courage for a few years now, first encouraging empty-nest moms of prodigals, and now in co-leading (in)courage global care - a group for women who are missionaries (global workers), former missionaries, moms and sisters of missionaries and missionary (or member) care workers (those women, like me, that love to encourage them).  I hope that you enjoy reading this little bit about the WHY of me... why missionary/global worker/member and family care... and if you're inspired, join us over at (in)couragers and apply to join our group (under ministry groups) for global care.  - marina encourage   —  vb 1. to   inspire   (someone)   with   the   courage   or   confidence   (to   do   something) 2. to   stimulate   (something   or   someone   to   do   something)   by   approval   or   help;   support   Flashback to 4 1/2 years a

(in)couragers online community groups... (in)courage global care

For the past few years there's been an amazing community online that has continued to bloom and grow. You might be familiar with (in)courage , but do you know about our online community groups?  A few times a year we throw open the doors and allow new women the opportunity to get involved in the different communities online. This time, (TODAY!) there are more than 70 groups, and over 160 volunteer online leaders, with groups of women in just about every age and stage of life! You can find out about them here. I'm continuing to lead a group called (in)courage global care , for women missionaries, women who assist in missionary care, women who are moms, sisters and friends of missionaries on the field. We share information, encourage the women where they are (on the field, missing a best friend or family member during the holidays, or praying about how to engage more fully in missions), and PRAY a lot for the women in our group. Do you know a missionary? Are you activel

Here am I Lord... Send Me... (just NOT to North Dakota!!)

It was fun for me to recently share about a time I thought God might send us somewhere I didn't...really... (no REALLY)... DID NOT want to go. It was a few years ago, and Mark was working on submitting his resume within his company for a transfer. He had put in for a few jobs within the plant he worked in (because, that's what he IS, a Missionary in a chicken plant), but the doors were closed firmly, and he realized that he was going to have to look outside our area. Not ideal, but doable. God moves us, and we're cool with that. But the night he told me he "may have accidentally applied for a job in North Dakota" - my heart sunk. It hit bottom HARD. I was ashamed of my reluctance to go so far... COLD. (yes, you read that right... so far COLD. COLD = North.... and that was as far COLD as we could get within the company!) As quickly as my shame caught me off guard, I heard the Lord speak CLEARLY to my heart. "You would GO to China for me, but you wo