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Debriefing My (in)RL 2014 Experience - or My Trip Reflections

2014 (in)RL Henderson, KY Community One of the things I love at our church, that when a mission team returns from a mission trip, (whether it's within or outside the U.S.), they give a report of that trip to anyone that wants to hear about it. It's called the "Trip Reflections." It's perfect to hear their hearts, what God did on the journey and how He is using those lessons to change our lives TODAY. They debrief, assess what they've gone through, and move forward. Going through any event can warrant needing a time of debriefing, reflecting, assessing. Even conferences. Even (in)RL! It will impact you, so It's great to allow yourself the space to process and reflect on the event, and share how it's changed you... and others around you. For me it's necessary!! This is the third year I've hosted (in)RL in the areas I've lived. The first year, I was living in Henderson, KY and I'd hoped for a big group of women from church, so I

Seeds ... Weeds ... and Dreams ...

When I was a girl growing up in Southern California, there was only one sure way to make a little money. My dad would pay me to pick the dandelions out of the lawn! I'd get a penny to pick each yellow flower that was growing, and a whole nickle for each seed head - only if it stayed in tact. If the seeds fell on the grass, well, that wasn't worth getting paid for at all. Little did I know that my dreams, like those dandelions, would get plucked and tossed aside by the same man that paid me to save his lawn. I'm sure that he just had a different idea what his namesake should do when she grew up, and that he felt that being an artist, a photographer, or a writer, wouldn't bring the notoriety that he sought his whole life. He'd rather I became an attorney fighting for the working man, and of course work my way up to becoming a major player politician.... President even! I came from "poor Dutch immigrant" stock on my dad's side, his first child, and

Book Review - What Follows After by Dan Walsh

I recently finished reading Dan Walsh's most current book, What Follows After . It took me a while to get into the story. Although the book seemed a little luke-warm at the start, it was enjoyable enough to keep reading through.  The realistic story of a failing marriage, the struggles of life in the early '60's and the minds of two brothers wanting to set everything right again in their world. What Follows After takes place in a season that I barely remembered as a child, so it was easy to believe what life was like then, complete with jealousy, work-aholism, and infidelity. The boy's perspectives were easy to follow as they schemed and planned, and eventually faced the consequences of their surprise adventure away from home.  The ending half of the book was more captivating than the first half, and consumed it quickly once the pieces of the mystery began to come together. The relationship between the elder Harrison family's "domestic help"

Book Review - Hope Runs - SO good!!

A few weeks ago, I received a pre-release copy of "Hope Runs" by Claire Diaz-Ortiz and Samuel Ikua Gachagua , from Revell Books . I was not given anything in exchange for this book copy, and the words written below are my own; I receive nothing for sharing my opinion of the book. The book "Hope Runs" was CRAZY GOOD! It's not too often I read a book that is hard for me to put down, but this was one of them. From the moment it came in the mail, and I cracked open the cover, I was taken in. I found myself wanting to have a day free to just read it straight through, but it never came, so I had to steal moments wherever I could to find out what happened next. I was more interested in the lives of the 2 authors than I was about the organization, Hope Runs (of which I knew NOTHING about). All in all, it would be difficult to NOT learn about the organization, and the insight is good for anyone involved in non-profit organizations and giving.  I LOVED the forma

LIFE and A Follow-Up to the Love Idol Movement Challenge

LOVE these Daily Grace - Open Your Heart Place Cards from DaySpring!  *This post contains affiliate links from vendors. I receive nothing from them to mention them in my posts, but if you click on the link on the side, and place an order, I'll receive a small commission, which helps me to keep this blog (and my obsession with DaySpring) alive. This week I spoke briefly to a group of 130 women at their end of the session brunch about (in)courage , (in)RL and the book Love Idol - as I'm co-hosting an (in)RL conference in my home this month, and leading a discussion group for Love Idol this summer.  Although this is the church I attend ( Crossroads Christian Church ), there were only a handful of really familiar faces there. They do a great job of welcoming here; women attend from many churches, denominations and I'm willing to bet there are several non-churched attending the Daughters Of the King (DOK) weekly studies. I haven't attended this year at all, s