Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lent Follow-Up ... and a Prayer...

Since giving up "personal Social Media" for Lent (personal, because I have to use it in work and ministry... and that can't change at this point and time) I've REALLY struggled. I discovered that I really think moment to moment in Facebook posts. :(  I had to delete the app from my phone - the temptation to READ it was consuming me, and that made me realize that I couldn't "just" read it (my original intent was to not post there... but I couldn't read it either!). So now I'm FB free on my phone, which has since become more of a reason to not carry it around all the time! Freeing!!

I do miss it terribly... but God's been so SO faithful to fill my time with other things... mostly grandkids lately! I'm grateful that this is coinciding with their stay with me.

I'm getting hit from every spiritual angle, and I have to believe it's because of being obedient in this one thing (trying to change my approval-seeking personality and habits). God help me! I've still got so SO long to go!!

Yesterday I discovered a cd that I had bought for my grands and was waiting to share it with them, but when I began to listen to it, I KNEW God was holding it for me, for now. Yancy's album "Roots for the Journey" is amazingly healing, restorative, and draws me into a Spirit of Worship super easily. I love it. You can check out that album here, and there's even an app for it with tutorials and ideas on how to use her music to encourage parents to use it with their kids!

I appreciate your notes of prayer and encouragement!

Father, I confess and submit to Your authority in my life. Let me return to the joy of my salvation and have a right Spirit renewed in me. I ask that You empower me, give me a passion for Your Word, and bring others alongside me that will encourage me in this journey. Also allow me to be a blessing to others that are struggling with approval issues, or social media addiction. Help us to find a healthy balance in being able to use social media for GOOD (for GOD!) and leaving it at that. I am Yours. Amen.

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