Friday, March 14, 2014

Five Minute Friday - Crowd

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My Five Minutes on CROWD

For the last 3 weeks our house has been filled to the brim in laughter, diapers (dirty and clean) and enough toddler fits to wear 2 moms down (never mind the dads). 

Our daughter and son in law and 5 kids are relocating to our area. In the midst of the transition, they've been staying with us. It makes this BIG house breathe again! It feels good to hear the kids that are supposed to be resting, giggling instead, as the sound echos in the halls. I love getting morning hugs and goodnight kisses. It makes me remember all the lovely things that being a mom are about... and it reminds me of why God gives children to us in our young(er) age, as I'm ready for bed every night! It's exhausting!!

We have a dining room, but we feed the kids in the eat-in kitchen. 4 around the table and 1 in a high chair. The grown ups sit at the counter, or eat standing up. We CROWD in to make it work. We don't have to deal with spills on the wood floor or washing placemats, and the kids like us all there close together. 

Their beds are CROWDed in together in one room. The crib and the parents sleep in a separate room, but the 4 older kids - 2, 3 1/2, almost 5 and 6 1/2 are all sleeping in one space. It works. The humidifier hums all night long and they share their sleeping songs, their bedtime prayers, their morning dreams. 


(the rest of the story...)

Come Sunday afternoon, they'll be moving out, into their new home. I'll keep the littlest ones one last night, enjoy every snuggle I can get, and make them eggs or pancakes or cereal (or all 3) for breakfast on Monday morning. Then I'll drive them home, and walk in to a completely disastrous and filthy house that will be totally quiet. Again. And I'll probably cry. Again.

I know, I know... they're just moving 30 minutes away! They could have been 9 hours away, or 18 hours away, or a plane, train and automobile trip away. This isn't so bad!! But it's going to stretch my heart again as they move along. It's always good and exhausting when they're here, and always fine once they're "there" (wherever that happens to be), but oh, the transitions... they twist my heart up and wring out the tears like a wet dishrag.

I'm so blessed to have had a season of them staying with me... and it's good to remember how much a little child can impact me, make me a morning person again, make me eat oatmeal again, and get me down on the floor to play with Legos again. I'll cherish tomorrow's CROWD as we dance around to praise songs (thank you Yancy!) and watch Jungle Book and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Sound of Music again. I'll treasure each hug, storing them up for the empty days when the house is still and silent. I'll push them on the swings and run around outside with them as they race around the yard, at least until they are exhausted and grumpy and ready to take that nap (because I will need it!).

They will CROWD my heart ... forever.

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