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Book Review - surprised by motherhood - everything I never expected about being a mom

First time parenting can be scary enough, and Lisa-Jo Baker had every reason to NOT want to be a mom. Every aspect of her life fought the very idea of giving birth, even to the spiritual lies that shaped that desire. With every thing that made me want to be a mom my whole life, Lisa-Jo experienced to shape her heart to NOT be one. When I received my copy of Lisa-Jo Baker's book, surprised by motherhood , I could hardly wait to read it. I didn't think it would have anything to do with me... well, she is a tad younger than I, and didn't want to be a mom... and is in the midst of raising 3 littles. I didn't think there was anything in there for me to relate to... I'm older, and an empty-nester, and couldn't wait to be a mom my whole life...could we be more polar opposite? But I WANTED to read it - simply because Lisa-Jo is a rock star and fearless leader in the (in)courage community and a co-worker with DaySpring. I was floored when I read the first 3 cha

Five Minute Friday - Crowd

Read the #FMF rules over here at Lisa-Jo Baker's blog (She's the boss of it!) :)  My Five Minutes on CROWD For the last 3 weeks our house has been filled to the brim in laughter, diapers (dirty and clean) and enough toddler fits to wear 2 moms down (never mind the dads).  Our daughter and son in law and 5 kids are relocating to our area. In the midst of the transition, they've been staying with us. It makes this BIG house breathe again! It feels good to hear the kids that are supposed to be resting, giggling instead, as the sound echos in the halls. I love getting morning hugs and goodnight kisses. It makes me remember all the lovely things that being a mom are about... and it reminds me of why God gives children to us in our young(er) age, as I'm ready for bed every night! It's exhausting!! We have a dining room, but we feed the kids in the eat-in kitchen. 4 around the table and 1 in a high chair. The grown ups sit at the counter, or eat standin

Lent Follow-Up ... and a Prayer...

Since giving up "personal Social Media" for Lent (personal, because I have to use it in work and ministry... and that can't change at this point and time) I've REALLY struggled. I discovered that I really think moment to moment in Facebook posts. :(  I had to delete the app from my phone - the temptation to READ it was consuming me, and that made me realize that I couldn't "just" read it (my original intent was to not post there... but I couldn't read it either!). So now I'm FB free on my phone, which has since become more of a reason to not carry it around all the time! Freeing!! I do miss it terribly... but God's been so SO faithful to fill my time with other things... mostly grandkids lately! I'm grateful that this is coinciding with their stay with me. I'm getting hit from every spiritual angle, and I have to believe it's because of being obedient in this one thing (trying to change my approval-seeking personality and habi

A Love Idol Movement Lent/Life Commitment

The (non) denomination of church that we choose to attend doesn't celebrate Lent as a church body, though it's recognized and accepted as a part of the special season of Resurrection. We (Mark and I) were rather unschooled on it until  years ago, when  Mark prepared a communion meditation on it's history and significance. It was so good that we (as a couple) decided to participate in it on our own - not as a MUST DO - but as a  WANT TO .   Over the years we have (or have not) committed to setting aside something material to allow God to work in us in a deeper way. To be honest, I hadn't planned on doing Lent this year. Two years ago Mark and I walked through 40 days of the Daniel Fast , and it was a time of really doing deep with God in many aspects of our life, and walking much closer with God. It was from that season that God opened a door for us to move to AR for a year... though we didn't know then that it would only be for a year!  (Why woul