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Middle-Aged Monday... and a prayer...

The view from my husband's office this morning... grey skies make me blue too...

Some days I wake up blue... do you? 

I had been putting off the unpleasant task of writing my father's obituary. His wife still hasn't told us that he passed away 4 months ago, and she chose to not have any services for him at the time of his cremation. We have no way to get in touch with her (besides driving the 10 hours and camping out on her doorstep). She's not going to be happy that we put a notice in the paper, but we felt it was due him, and our family heritage, to know the details of his life. It will appear later this week in the Cassville Democrat. 

Whether it was a spiritual battle, or an emotional one (or most likely both), I put it off for a full week and a half. I didn't even think of it during that time, but I'd set aside a deadline that it would be completed today, whether or not I met the paper's deadline for 3pm on Monday. 

Little did I know that their deadline is moved for different things... and I'd actually have until Tuesday to complete it... but I had my momentum going. I wanted it behind me.

What do YOU do when some unpleasant task is ahead of you? 

I'd rather scrub floors with a toothbrush than repeat this job!!

How does stress manifest itself in you?

I've had headaches, wanted to stay in bed (on Pinterest!) and ignore the world. I've also wanted potatoes, chocolate, mac and cheese... all those comfort foods that set my chemicals in the right direction to settle me in for a nice, long nap!! I didn't eat any of them... but BOY! I wanted them!!

I don't want to exercise, get dressed and go out, or complete that task. 

But complete it I did! and tonight I'm getting dressed up and letting my husband take me out!

Celebrate with me? This task is done, and I'll never have to do it again!! :) 

Lord, I know that YOU can comfort me during these times of stress. Forgive me for not turning to You, to lean harder on Your arms, and for allowing food cravings to get the best of me. I pray that you will calm our hearts and our minds when we face difficult scenarios, and let us learn to rely on the peace that comes only from You to carry us through unpleasant seasons. 

We love You, and want more of You in our lives...
In Jesus' Name...amen...


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