Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Checking in... and a prayer...

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Well, it's not Monday OR Wednesday, but I thought I should check in since I hadn't written a post in a while. It's been busy... that's how life is though... so it's been more than that. Traveling back to AR for meetings. Housing grandkids. Busy calendar. All of it - and none of it. Just not sure of my motivation to write, second guessing it... and busy at work too... and wondering if I am more of a facilitator to help other's social media come out online without a hitch, or if I'm supposed to be applying these nuggets of wisdom to my own writing. Who knows??

It's also been a time of seeking God on what direction in missions Mark and I are supposed to take. Other prayers appreciated!!

Father, I ask that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit on this house, on our marriage, and on our family. We desire to serve You in new, deeper ways. Be with us as we each seek after You. In Jesus Name...amen.

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